The Top 10 Best Pool Backwash Hose 2021 [Reviews & Top Pick]

Backwash or backwashing is a process of cleaning a swimming pool filter by back-warding the flow of water to flush out the Debris and Dirt. Backwash Hose ensures that the filters get clean without cleaning them manually. It takes only a few minutes.

For good results, you will need the Best Pool Backwash that can clean the every dirt element from your pool filter. But, there are hundreds of models and brands available in the market, it can be tough to choose the best.

But here, we’ll provide you the list of Top 10 Backwash Hoses, to make you decide that which Pool Backwash hose is the best one for you.

Reviews for Top 10 Backwash Hoses in the Market

There are many hoses out there but in the below list, we’ll tell you about the Best Backwash Hoses in the Market

1- HydroMaxx Heavy Duty Backwash Hose:

This is a heavy-duty backwash hose that is also known as Discharge hose, construction hose, pump hose, lay flat hose or pool discharge hose. This hose is ideal for use with light chemicals. Using it with light chemicals like water and other fluids making it perfect for backwashing

It is made up of commercial polyester fiber that offers reinforcement. It is one of the best durable backwash hoses on the market today. This Backwash Hose is perfect for both residential and commercial use. Another amazing feature of this Backwash hose is the UV Resistance ability, which makes it able to bare hard outdoor conditions. It is best for use is Spas, Pools, Farmhouses and other open areas.


  • Best Durable Backwash Hose in Market
  • This Pool Backwash hose is resistance to many chemicals like Grease and Oil
  • Made up with high strength polyester fiber

2- Gorilla Backwash Hose for Swimming Pools

This Gorilla Backwash Hose comes at a very low price as compared to other Backwash hoses in the market. It is great for backwashing. It is not an ordinary backwash Hose that you can get easily in the market. The Gorilla Backwash Hose is 5 times more powerful than any other Blue Hoses. It is perfect for backwashing you pool filter. It is a heavy duty model made with PVC and it is custom made to fit in many swimming pools.

It is made up with Gorilla toughness and this hose will last for many years, as it is guaranteed by the Company as well. All Backwash hoses feature a steel hose clamp that can be used to lock your hose; it can also be used when transferring it from your garage to pool. This Backwash Hose is made to fit over a regular size pool filter as It has a diameter of 2 inches. So, your filter outlet needs to be at 2” diameter for it to fit.


  • 5 times more stronger than other Hoses in the market
  • It is made up with Gorilla toughness and made to last for long which is guaranteed
  • It is designed for 5” diameter

3- Blue Swimming Pool Filter Backwash Hose

Back washing your pool filter is necessary for keeping your pool water clean and clear. This Backwash hose is used to remove waste water from your filter pump. It is made up of heavy duty material for long lasting Durability.

It is tested for pressure to make sure that it can bare the heavy backwash functions. And you will be surprised to see at how easy you can roll it when you want to store it. It is made up of heavy Duty material which is also UV Sunlight resistant. It has a huge diameter of 1.5 inches so this hose can fit most of the pool filters. But before buying this Hose, make sure that your filter pump is at most 1.5 inches.


  • Pressure tested to make sure that it can bare heavy Backwash functions
  • It is made with heavy duty material that is best for long lasting durability
  • When it is not in use, it is easy to roll-up

4- HydroMaxx 4 bar Heavy-Duty Flat Discharge- Backwash Hose

If you want a Backwash Hose that outlast more than the other backwash hoses in the market, than you can consider the HydroMaxx 4 Bar Hose. If you consider its price, then this is a great hose to buy and will provide you great service as well.

The cover and the Tube of this hose are extruded to provide maximum high quality. It is also made with constant high tensile forte fiber that withstands heavy pressure. This hose is also UV resistant and can handle a high temperature of 5 to 149 Degrees F. It is a great Backwash hose for a Swim-Pool Owner.


  • This hose is very strong and relatively light weight
  • It is formulated with UV Protectors and Working temperatures
  • Lay Flat Discharge Hose is resistance to Oil and Chemical acids

5- Pooline 11204-50 Backwash Hose

Measuring at only 50 feet longs, this Backwash hose is a shorter as compared to other models that we have reviewed in the list. This hose is one of the affordable and most effective filter hose in the market. It is also unique and durable and you can also depend on it to provide the backwash you need.

It is perfect for pool maintenance and also made-up with heavy duty material and is well known to ensure that it can withstand the heavy use. This product also work well at heavy temperature, it means that you can use it in any kind of weather. It is also UV and OIL Resistance.


  • It is the most affective and affordable Product that you can rely on
  • Durable water Backwash Hose for Pool Maintenance
  • Made up with High material

6- U.S Pool Supply—Heavy Duty Swimming Pool Backwash Hose

Just like the GORILLA backwash hose, this hose also comes with a hose clamp. It is also a heavy duty PCV Pool Backwash hose that will do the job and make your all pool filters clean.

This Backwash hose come with a huge diameter of 2 inches, which is about 100 ft. long. This means that you can fit it at all outlets. To make it even stronger, this hose runs a heavy duty 0.025 inches wall thickness. It is so much thick to contain the water pressure as you have reserve it to clean your filter. You can use the hose while backwashing the filter or draining your pool. It also comes with a one year guarantee that will cover all defects that might arise due to its development faults.


  • Heavy duty Wall Thickness
  • Heavy duty blue PVC Pool with hose clamp
  • Full one year warranty

7- Aqua Select Sun2Solar Backwash Hose—1.5 inches

It is a long backwash hose and can clean your pool filter easily because of its 100 feet length. Due to its length, you can make sure that the water will run safely into your sewer system without any Extra hose. You will also need a hose clamp that will make it easier to connect to your Swimming Pool filter for fast draining.

Those hoses will not damage when the pressure is high because it is made up of tough vinyl material. And this material also guarantees along life to your hose. This hose is also light weighted in order to allow you to carry it with ease. It is a great model that will keep your Pool Filter clean and ready for its work.


  • 100 feet
  • Made up of tough vinyl material
  • Light weighted

8- Pooline Swimming Pool Backwash Discharge Hose

If you want an even longer hose, then Pooline Swimming Pool Hose is the best option for you. It is 200 ft. long, so it can reach sewer lines that are located very far from your pool and also deposit the water which is waste from backwashing. It comes with the 2-inches diameter that fits at 2 inches or below outlets. If your outlet s bigger than 2 inches, than you will need to get an adapter in order to fit it.

It is also very easy to connect the hose as it lies flat on the surface to allow you an easy roll up. It is made up of long-lasting and flexible material with 18 mil thickness. This hose is also chemical and water resistant. So, you can be assured for having a hose that will provide you many years of Service.


  • Weather and Chemical resistant
  • Easy to connect
  • 200 feet long

9- Pooline Heavy Duty Deluxe—Backwash Discharge Hose

It is another hose that will clean your filter effectively. This Heavy Duty Deluxe Backwash Hose is 50 feet Long and it discharges the dirty water far away into your sewer system. It comes with a 1.5 inches diameter, which is easy to fit most outlets and house fitting at home. This hose is very easy to connect. So, you will not waste a lot of time trying to put it in the right place.

It is easy to roll up whenever you want to keep it for future use. This hose is also made of durable flexible and premium quality. This means that it is a strong product that won’t damage easily. This Backwash hose is also weather resistance and will not be affected by chemicals and acids in your swimming pool.


  • Very easy to connect
  • Chemical and weather resistant
  • Fits in 1 ½ diameter Backwash Hose

10- HydroTools by Swimline—Transparent Pool Fountain hose Replacement

This is a replacement hose that can be used to repair the worn out hoses to continue backwashing for filters and makes your work easier. It is also made up of transparent material that will allow you to see through it. You will be happy to know that this hose is Pressure Tested to make sure that it can handle high pressure.

This Pool Backwash hose won’t be affected by harmful elements like Acids and UV sun’s rays. So, it is a highly durable product and lasts for decades as you continue to repair your own Hose.


  • Replacement hose
  • Long lasting and Durable
  • Fits in Hydro tools model 8597, 85955 and 8598

We’ve mentioned above the Top 10 Best Pool Backwash Hose 2020 [Reviews & Top Pick] just to increase your knowledge and save your precious time as well.

Things to Keep in Mind while Buying Pool Backwash Hose

There are some important things that you should keep in your mind before buying your Pool Backwash Hose. The things are:

  1. Size: First thing you have to know that the size of the Backwash Hose you need. The Ideal size makes backwashing more efficient.
  2. Diameter: The Diameter of the Hose should match the diameter of your outlet. It also should be able to prevent any burst or leakage.
  3. Flexibility: A flexible Backwash Hose is easier to store. If you use your hose around obstacles than it becomes handy.
  4. Durability: This should last for long and withstand pressure due to its heavy duty. It is also resistance to UV rays and Chemicals
  5. Weight: A backwash hose is heavier than any other hose. The thing is to find a good quality and weight to fulfill your needs.
  6. Material: Material will make sure that there are no leaks on your hose. Go for a heavy material model.

Pool Backwash Hose FAQ’s

Q: What is the best backwash hose for my Swimming Pool?

A: The best Hose is the one that fulfills your needs and last for long time. Just look at the feature of the every hose and chose the right one which fulfill your needs. Choose which is good in quality and Pocket friendly. In the above mention list you can get the idea that which Swim-Pool Backwash hose is the best one for you.

Q: How to install Pool Back Wash Hose?

A: First thing you need to do is to turn off all the power to the pool. Just make sure that the pool’s filter is turned off and nothing on the pool is running. This will help to make sure that no injuries or any power outrages will happen while backwashing. Now, take your backwash hose and attach it to the pool’s filter. The other end of the hose should be placed in that area where is not large access of water, such as an open field or a backyard.

Q: How to Connect Pool Backwash Hose?

A: Take your backwash hose and attach it to the pool’s filter. The other end of the hose should be placed in that area where is not large access of water, such as an open field or a backyard

Q: How long should you backwash your Pool?

A: Just set the Filter valve to Backwash Pool position and make sure that the handle locks in place. Now, turn ON the Pump and Backwash for 2 minutes or until the water in the filter starts getting clear.

Final Words:

Selecting the best pool backwash hose is an easy process if you make sure that which type of Backwash hose will suits your Swimming Pool. So, we’ve provided a list of the top 10 Best Pool Backwash Hose 2020 [Reviews & Top Pick]. Simply, choose a hose that is bigger than your Pool Filter to make sure that it will fit without any Alteration.

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