Clear Vs Blue Solar Pool Covers Which One To Buy?

There’s a lot of debate in the swim-pool industry related to the clear vs blue solar pool covers match-up for the pool.

Both of the covers are working perfectly, but you need to know which one is the best for the pool.

So, let’s dive into the never-ending debate and try to find the perfect answer. And the very first thing you need to know is:

Why a solar cover is important for a swimming pool?

Solar covers are important for swimming pools as they’re made of a unique array of bubbles used for the mentioned below purposes:

  • To Absorb Energy: The pool covers are beast in absorbing solar energy. A solar pool cover absorbs the heat energy and transferred it to the water.
  • To Lower the rate of Evaporation: An effective solar pool cover reduce the rate of evaporation by nearly up to 95%.  Their main purpose is to absorb solar energy without a solar blanket.  
  • To Avoid Chemical Loss: Every solar pool cover lessens the chemical loss nearly up to 62%. They help to save your money and precious time as well.
  • To Prevents Debris: One of the main purposes of a solar cover is to prevent your swimming pool from algae and debris.
  • To Save Energy: Normally, an average swim-pool heater uses nearly 4 Therms per hour with natural gas to keep your pool warm.

Also, electric swim-pool heat pumps consume nearly 5KW per hour of electricity.

On the other side, an effective solar pool cover never uses both resources to keep the pool normal.

Clear Vs Blue Solar Cover – Does the Color really matters?

While purchasing a solar cover for your swimming pool, the color of the solar cover matters a lot and it makes all the difference.

The dark color of the solar cover allows less amount of sunlight to pass through it.

As this sunlight fails to pass through, it will be absorbed in the solar pool cover.

And just because they absorb more sunlight doesn’t mean that they’re good for your swim-pool.

It is totally opposite as the solar cover that absorbs less heat means that the covers themselves really don’t heat a lot. It warms the water beneath the surface of the water.

Clear Pool Cover:

The clear cover of your pools makes a perfect way for solar energy to penetrate deeper into the swimming pool.

The clear solar covers absorb less heat and easily allows sunlight to pass through the cover and it makes the water warm.

There is no extra water circulation method are required to pass the solar energy.

Clear pool covers are the best choice during the summers.

Blue Solar Cover:

These darker color of these solar covers absorbs the sunlight and traps heat in the pool.

As the less amount of sunlight passes through the cover, it will not makes the water as hot as the clear solar covers do.

The blue solar covers help to conserve chemical and also plays a major role in blocking the UV rays.

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Who wins at the end? Clear Solar Covers

As we’ve mentioned above that the clear covers absorb less heat as compared with the blue covers.

This makes clear covers to pass sunlight beneath the cover to make the pool’s water warm and clear.

Thus, the Clear Solar Covers wins the whole debate and it keeps your swim-pool hot and clear for the maximum time.

Does the thickness of the Solar Cover Matters?

Yes, the thickness of the covers matters a lot in different ways as the thinner cover will allow more heat to pass through the swimming pool’s water.

And a thick cover absorbs more heat than that of a thinner cover.

Solar covers for the pool can be easily found in 8 mils, 12 mils, and 16 mils sizes.

Almost every pool owner purchases the 12 mil thickness cover due to its amazing features and normal weight.

Wrapping Up

From the debate mentioned above related to clear vs blue solar pool covers, you must get the perfect answer.

A clear solar cover is the best option for your swimming pool, as it absorbs less heat and allows the maximum amount of sunlight to pass through it.

It makes the pool’s water warm and clear for your use.

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