Top 8 Best Pool Skimmer Baskets 2020 Reviews

Pool skimmer basket is an important accessory that looks like a basket and performs functions of trapping large debris and other objects to prevent them from entering your swimming pools pump or filter. This basket usually place inside your skimmer, where is collects debris, pieces of toys, bugs and any other materials that can harm … Read more

Top 5 Best Harris Pool Pumps, Reviews 2020

Purchasing a swimming pool pump is a huge investment that you need to consider before doing it. Anyways, you shouldn’t go for the most expensive model that you come across to make sure that you purchase the right unit. In any case, the market has changed over these years and today there are many affordable … Read more

Best Solar Pool Covers

Choosing the best Solar Pool Cover is always a difficult task. But once you understand the various factors that what you actually need, than the process becomes very easy. Unless you are one of the crazy polar bear who likes to jump into an ice-cold pool, you perhaps want swimming pool to be heated. However before wasting money on the gas or electric heater, you must consider getting the Best Solar Pool Covers.