The 10 Best Winter Pool Covers Reviews 2021

In summers you can pick any pool cover for your pool that you come across. But during winter months you surely want to have a pool cover that can keep the debris out of the pool and protects the pool against harsh weather conditions like, snow, ice, and high winds.  So, when Spring season shows up you can easily reopen your pool. After some comprehensive research, we have been able to recommend the ten best winter pool covers, to help you choose the best winter cover for your pool.


If you want to purchase the best winter pool cover for your swim-pool, just go through our mentioned below detailed review of the following 10 best winter pool covers:

1. Blue Wave Rectangular in Ground Pool Cover

As you know Blue Wave is one of the renowned brands in making pool covers. This particular Blue Wave Bronze 20ft x 40ft is the best-rated pool cover for inground pools. A big thanks to its tough and sturdy polyethylene construction, this Blue Wave Bronze pool cover provides a guarantee for top-level protection against sun, snow, ice, and wind. Furthermore, the fabric is UV rays resistant, which means long exposure to sunlight will not damage it.

Blue Wave inground pool covers have black underside to protect it from algae growth. This cover is incredibly easy to set up on any inground pool, and the 5-foot overlap prevents any stretching or ripping. The blue wave is giving you an 8-year warranty as well as a proof of quality, which is a big plus.

Key Features:

  •       Protection against harsh conditions like snow, ice, and wind.
  •       5-foot overlap to prevent stretching or ripping.
  •       Comes with grommets in the corners for additional security.
  •       Integral loops for water bags to keep it in place

2. Robelle Super Winter Above Ground “Round Pool Cover’’

The most amazing thing about this Robbelle 24” round above ground pool cover is its ability to stand against any harsh weather. With 8 x 8 scrim and strong polyethylene construction, this cover is ready to protect any suitable sized cover.

As for as the setup is concerned, this cover fits very well on a pool that is 24 feet in diameter. The cover comes with a 4-feet overlap for easier spreading and winch and cable to secure it around the pool. Besides this there are multiple colors and sizes are available to choose for different types of pools. The company provides a full 10-year warranty as proof of quality, making it the best above ground winter pool cover.

Key Features:

  •       Strong polyethylene construction.
  •       Amazon’s Choice for above ground pool covers.
  •       4-foot overlap on each side to prevent stretching and ripping.
  •         Includes winch and cable to keep it in place.
  •       Full 10-year warranty with purchase.

3. Robelle Super Winter Inground Pool Cover

If you are looking for an in-ground pool cover to winterize your pool, then you have come to the right place. Robelle Super Winter in-ground pool cover is made from heavy-duty polyethylene material to withstand against the toughest weather conditions. To improve the durability, the cover features a UV resistant coating.

The cover is designed to fit on pools which are 20 x 40 in size and comes with 5 feet overlap making it easy to secure the cover. Water-tube loops on each side are included to add some weight to keep it in place.

Key Features:

  •       Comes with a 10-year warranty.
  •       High-quality polyethylene construction.
  •       UV-resistant material to increase durability.
  •       Water bag loops to add weight to keep it in place.
  •       Perfect for winter months.

4. Intex Round Metal Frame Pool Cover

Intex Round Metal Frame is a perfect choice for Intex Metal Frame Pools due to its unique design. This pool cover comes at number fourth on our list of 10 best winter pool covers. It spreads around the metal frame quite easily, and it has a 10-inch overlap to allow great adjustability. This Intex cover comes with drain holes at the center of the cover to prevent water accumulation.

A rope tie secures it in place very easily. It is designed to have a nice and tight fit on a 15-feet round pool. However, the cover is not waterproof but Intex cover guarantees that it will keep the debris out of your pool to let you enjoy crystal clear water every time.

Key Features:

  •       Drain holes at the center to avoid water accumulation.
  •       Rope tie keeps the cover in place.
  •       Very Easy to install and remove.
  •       Best choice for metal frame Intex Pools
  •       Long overlap helps in tightening the cover easily. 

5. Intex Rectangular Solar Pool Cover

This amazing solar pool cover by Intex is surely a perfect choice for your pool cover. It can be easily set up and removed by one person. It’s a solar blanket made from 160-micron material that keeps your water warmer with sunlight.

It can last for a few seasons without any problem. You will be glad to know that it comes with a carry bag for easier storage. Also, the cover prevents evaporation saving you to spent extra costs on water. This rectangular solar pool is very affordable with the given quality.

Key Features:

  •       Durable 160-micron material.
  •       Fits on your pool perfectly.
  •       Keeps the water warmer.
  •       Budget Friendly.
  •       Easy to remove.

6. Blue Wave Silver Round Above Ground Pool Cover

The Blue Wave Silver pool cover is made from UV stabilized material to provide protection against UV rays and is one of the finest pool covers in the 10 best winter pool covers reviews list. This round above ground pool cover not only protects your pool from debris but also withstands against harsh weather conditions like wind, heavy snow, sun, and ice.

With a 4-foot overlap, you can easily adjust this pool cover on your 24-foot pool without worrying about any stretching or ripping. The package also includes heavy-duty vinyl coated cable and winch tightener. However, it will cost you a bit more but after getting the quality product you will realize its worth adding a few more bucks.

Key Features:

  •       12-year generous warranty.
  •       Protection against wind and heavy snow.
  •       Includes heavy duty cable and winch tightener.
  •       Protection against UV rays with UV stabilized material.

7. Blue Wave In-Ground Safety Pool Cover

If safety is your first priority, then the Blue Wave In-Ground Safety Pool Cover is the best fit for your in-ground pool. With its multi-seam stitching and 2-ply mesh, it can hold up to 4,000 pounds. It can protect your children and pets from falling inside without any doubt.

The complete package includes all hardware tools required for installation including brass anchors, buckles, stainless steel springs, and a storage bag. As it is made of mesh water can run through the cover, but dirt or debris will not find any way to get inside the pool. Wear strips on the underside of the cover protects the cover from fraying. In short, this pool cover is a complete package covering all your safety concerns, making itself the best safety pool cover.

Key Features:

  •       Multi-seam stitching to increase durability.
  •       Protects pool from dirt and debris.
  •       Includes stainless steel hardware.
  •       Includes all installation tools as well as a storage bag.
  •       12-year warranty

8. Sun2Solar Blue 16ft x 32ft Rectangle Solar Cover

Sun2Solar pool cover is one of the top-rated pool covers. It’s a universal pool cover that can work with both in-ground and above ground pools. It provides a fantastic way to reduce heating costs by heat retention. The countless bubbles on the cover surface catch the heat and transfer it to the water. As the bubbles are transparent, they let more sunlight to go through, and make sure the warm water is waiting for you.

It comes in 16 x 40 feet by default, and there many other size options are available as well. Moreover, you can trim the pool cover to fit your pool better, trimming the cover doesn’t void the warranty either, isn’t it amazing?  This comes in an attractive blue design appealing for your eyes, making it our favorite pool cover so far.

Key Features:

  •       Attractive blue design.
  •       Bubble film helps in heat retention and maintains water temperature.
  •       You can trim the cover to better fit on your pool.
  •       Minimum evaporation of water.
  •       Can work with both above ground and inground pools.
  •       Easy to install and remove.

9. Buffalo Blizzard Deluxe Plus Winter Pool Cover

Deluxe Plus Winter Pool Cover by Buffalo Blizzard is on of the budget-friendly pick when it comes to choosing pool cover. The thing that makes it stand out from other pool covers is its balance between high quality and affordability.  You will be getting a UV resistant nylon cover with an 8×8 strong scrim in a decent sum of money. Like other pool covers the cover is black from the underside to avoid algae growth and to keep the water clean.

This particular model is designed for 24 feet round-shaped pool and includes 4 feet additional overlap material for its secure installation without any stretching or ripping.  There are seven more sizes and two colors available to choose from, depending upon your requirements.

Key Features:

  •       Double-stitched hem to improve durability
  •       UV-resistant material used.
  •       It includes a vinyl coated cable and winch.
  •       Grommets placed every 3 inches to secure the cover.

10. Blue Wave BWC922 Gold Above Ground Oval Cover

As we all know, the Blue wave is one of the leading brands for making the best winter pool covers. And this 15 x 30-foot cover designed for an oval-shaped pool is awesome. You may use it for a rectangular pool as well as it includes a 4-foot overlap. The overlap helps to avoid rips and tears. The cover is made from polyethylene and withstands against sun, snow, and wind. It is also capable of resisting UV-rays

Backed by an impressive 15-year warranty, this cover is a perfect choice if you are looking for a durable winter pool cover.

Key Features:

  •       UV-rays resistant.
  •       Made from rugged polyethylene.
  •       15-year impressive warranty.
  •       No algae growth.

We have mentioned above the complete detailed reviews of 10 best winter pool covers. For your easiness, we are going to describe the complete buying guide related to the winter pool cover. Here we go:

Latest Winter Pool Covers Buying Guide

Type of Pool Cover

It depends on what you need, there are many choices for pool covers. Some of them help to maintain the temperature of water others help in heat retention and some help in keeping the water clean. Solar and thermal covers maintain water temperature and help in heat retention. Winter covers are the best option to protect your pool during the offseason.

Size and Adjustability

Once you have chosen a specific pool cover, getting the proper size will make sure your pool is under protection. The pool cover should always be large enough to adjust over your pool without any stretching and ripping. Whether your pool is rectangular, round, or oval getting a perfect size for it is very important which adjusts on your pool perfectly.

Ease of Use

No one wants to spend hours banging their hand in the hot sun, so it’s important to choose a cover which is easy to install and assemble.

Budget and Durability

You can’t ignore the price tag of a pool cover if you want to have a durable cover. A good solar or thermal cover costs you between $30 and $100.

Although a thicker winter cover can cost you more than $500.

Always check fabric thickness, seams, and reinforcements as these are the important factors of durability.

FAQ’s About The Best Winter Pool Covers

1. How to remove winter pool cover?

First, remove any leaves, dirt, debris, and water gathered on the cover using a pool brush and pool cover pump. And then remove water tubes, anchors, or cable and winch. Then start walking from one end to the other having a person on each side, grab the cover and reach the other end and fold it. Then leave it in the open air to let it dry and finally store it.

2. How to install a winter pool cover?

It depends on the type of cover you have. If you have a solar or thermal cover just spread it over the pool with bubbles facing down and put some weight on the edges. Safety pool covers require drilling and anchoring around the swimming pool. As they are heavy, so you have to anchor them properly, so they stay in place.

3. How to clean winter pool cover?

To clean your pool cover you will need a garden hose, detergent, pool brush, and maybe a cover pump. Apply the detergent, wet the cover, and scrub it. Finally, rinse off the cover and spread it in the sun to dry.

4. What is the best color for the winter pool cover?

If you want to gain heat in your pool water, choose transparent pool cover as it lets more sunshine to pass through. If you want to retain heat and stop algae growth, choose a dark color. However light blue color can be used as an in-between option as it offers a balance, so most of the covers are blue.


Choosing a cover for your pool is very important to protect it from debris, dirt, elements, and other harsh weather conditions like snow, ice, wind, and UV-rays.

We have tried our best in this review guide to help you choose the best pool cover for your pool. Having a definite list of 10 best winter pool covers, you will be able to choose winter pool cover that fulfills all your requirements.

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