Best Solar Pool Covers

Choosing the best Solar Pool Cover is always a difficult task. But once you understand the various factors that what you actually need, than the process becomes very easy. Unless you are one of the crazy polar bear who likes to jump into an ice-cold pool, you perhaps want swimming pool to be heated. However before wasting money on the gas or electric heater, you must consider getting the Best Solar Pool Covers. 

If you are not sure that, how they work? Or how you can use them? Then you have come to the right place because we are going to tell you which Solar Pool Cover is best for you.

What are your Options?

  • Bubble Pool Covers: These pool covers come with the Thermal bubbles that catch the heat and trap it in your pool. They are also known as solar blanket. They reduced the evaporation up-to 95%. They heat the swimming pool around 15 degrees F.
  • Solar Sun Rings: They are more expensive and less working than solar blankets. They are easy to install and saves energy cost. Solar Sun Ring help to reduce the evaporation and feature a UV resistant layer that helps to warm up your swimming pool.
  • Liquid Solar Covers: These are chemical liquids that are added to your swimming pool. They are easily affordable and they don’t allow debris and leaves to fall into your pool.

Factors we need to Consider when Buying:

There are a lot of factors you need to consider before buying Swimming pool covers but some of the main factors are:

  • Quality: You have to make sure that you pay attention to the material used in the making of the Solar Pool Cover. The difference between a good and a bad material can decide the life of your Pool Cover and its ability to maintain the heat.
  • Color: The color will decide that the cover will trap the heat or not. Darker colors catch the heat best but they can show the opposite effect if the color is too dark. Just buy a Semi-transparent Pool Cover.
  • Thickness: Thicker covers do the best job and even last longer. But however, you might have to pay little more to get these types of covers while compare to thin covers.
  • Design: Solar pool covers available in various patterns and shapes. Common designs includes: diamonds, hexagon and wrap-like bubbles. But the sizes are different and the designs might vary, there is no big difference when it comes to shapes.
  • Brand and Price: Solar pool covers cost from as low as $30 to as high as $1,000. The price of the cover mainly depends upon the quality, size and the brand you choose. Know your budget before you go in the market. Also keep in mind that you purchase from a trusted brand.

Top 10 Best Solar Pool Covers 2020 and Their Reviews

Here is a list of Top 10 best Solar Pool Covers in the market today

1. Intex Solar Pool Cover 10 ft Diameter Easy Set – For Above Ground Pools

Intex Solar Cover for 10 Feet is a convenient product for your pool. This cover is specially designed for 10 ft diameter pool. One of the main key features of this pool is the Air Bubbles which transfer the heat to all parts of your swimming pool.
It also reduces evaporation by 95% and it keeps the temperature of the water at high. By this, you don’t need any water heaters to keep the water warm. The cover also has some unique drain holes that prevents the water to gather at the top of you pool cover. Another important thing of this cover is the reusable carrying bag that makes very easy to store this cover. It is best solar cover for pool as well.


  • Reduce the evaporation by almost 95%
  • Keeps the water warm
  • Drains holes for preventing water gathering
  • Good in quality
  • Best in Color and Size


2. Blue Wave Solar Cover 14-Mil— For In-ground Pools:

The Blue Wave NS510 is made up of air-filled material/cells, which is commonly known as bubble wrap. It is very easy to install and remove and very effective as well as light. One main thing you should do is to make sure that your pool is totally covered due to hundreds of bubble wraps presents in this pool cover. The best pool solar cover thickness depends upon the material and the quality of this swim-pool cover is very high. This blue wave solar pool cover is big enough to cover the majority of In-ground swimming pools.


  • It is packed with innovative cells which make sure that your swimming pool stays warm in cool nights and cloudy days
  • This blue wave solar pool cover is used for in-ground pools is designed to withstand with the failure caused by chemicals and Ultraviolent rays
  • It also covers your pool and put solar heating to increase the temperature of water up-to 15 degrees F


3. Blue Wave Solar Blanket NS480 12-Mil – For Above Ground Pools:

This cover keeps the water of your pool warm during the cold summer season and in the rainy days. But, mainly thanks to the Blue Wave NS480 because it’s thermal cell technology uses insulation bubbles to catch the heat to warm your pool. Also, it will increase your pool temperature up-to 15 degrees F which is ideal for heating. Another main feature of this pool cover is the power to withstand UV light due to its UV-protected polymer. It also reduces evaporation by 95%


  • Keeps your swimming pool warm in cold nights. The thermal cell technology of this Pool Cover puts insulating bubbles to warm the pool in the cloudy climate
  • Ultra clear solar blankets quickly increase pool temperature by up-to 15 degree F
  • This 12-mil solar blanket for above ground pools is created to withstand exposure to UV Rays
  • It prevents evaporation of water and chemicals up-to 95%


4. Blue Wave Solar Blanket NS100 8-mil— 12 ft For Above Ground Pools:

This pool cover is best for you as it reduces water and chemical evaporation. In order to optimize heat retention, it has an advantage of Blue cover that allows the maximum number of sunlight to reach the water. This technology increase your pool temp up-to 15 degree F. Thermal bubbles remain warm even the Sunlight is gone. This Cover is also UV-protected and designed to with stand years of direct sunlight. It is one of the best solar cover for pool. Also the best pool solar cover thickness depends upon its material and the thickness of this swim-pool solar blanket is original as well.


  • It has insulating thermal cells which catch the heat, so that your pool’s water remain warm in the cloudy days
  • This amazing solar pool cover is created with the UV-protected Polymer. The solar blanket will remain safe from the deterioration caused by UV radiation and chemicals
  • It also prevents 95% of the pool water and chemical evaporation with the use of this Blanket

5. Pool Solar Cover Reel 18 ft — For In-ground Swimming Pools:

It is made especially for In-ground pools. It fits a pool of up-to 18 ft. wide by 40ft. This pool cover is made of stainless steel materials to make sure the Durability. It is Rust-free and corrosion resistant. It has amazing features which eases its installation, since it comes with large wheels. Also this pool cover comes with 8 clips and straps for holding it in the right place.


  • It is easy to fit in all shapes and it is suitable for 6 ft to 18 ft wide in
  • You need this Reel, just make your life easier. Covering your pool can also provide you many benefits
  • This pool cover has an Eco-Friendly Design. It also offers a unique design that allow for easy wheel barrow-style.


6. Harris Rectangle Solar Cover 16 ft x 40 ft— For Above Ground Pools:

Harris Rectangular Solar Covers are best pool covers as it increase your pool heat and maintain temperature. This pool Covers allow the sunlight to warm the pool water. They remain last longer as they maintain their flexibility and don’t become dark in color. It also allows the UV rays to penetrate your pool and raises the water temperature by up-to 15 degree F. It is also the best solar cover for pool.


  • It provides you Fantastic heat retention in a minimal cost
  • This pool cover increases pool temperature by up-to 15 degree F
  • Easy to install


7. Intex Solar Pool Cover for 18 ft. x 9 ft. Rectangular Frame pools – For Above ground:

Intex Solar Pool Cover is made and deigned to an 18 ft. x 9ft. rectangular swim-pool. It is constructed with 160 micron and it makes sure that the water remains warm. It also makes your pool a little bit more fun. This pool cover comes with easy carrying bag, that makes it easier to store when it is not is use.


  • This pool cover is easy to store and roll
  • Size is 18 ft. x 9ft.
  • It keeps the pool warm for long time
  • It does not put pressure on your above ground pool
  • Light in weight


8. In The Swim 12 Mil 12 x 24 ft. Rectangle Swimming Pool Solar Blanket Cover – For In-ground Pools:

The size of this cover is plus point for the pool owners. No matter how big your pool is, this swim-pool cover will probably fit in and covers the breadth and length of your pool. In the case if your pool is smaller in size, then don’t be worry because you can easily cut and trim it to get the desired size or resized it into a round solar pool cover as well. The best pool solar cover thickness depends upon its material and its material is totally original. The air pockets of this swim-pool cover are designed to keep your pool warm and prevents the water evaporation.


  • It raises your water temperature up-to 8-10 degrees F, in approx. 5-7 consistent sunlight
  • It also reduces chemical loss to save your money
  • It also reduces heat loss and lesser the amount of debris that can get in the water
  • Easy to cut or trim to get the perfect size

9. Splash Pool Solar Cover 30 ft x 15 ft— For Above Ground Pools:

This swim-pool cover is easily affordable and very easy to use. It will lasts for few seasons, without showing any sign of tear or wear. It is designed and made to fit for Above Ground Swimming Pools. This swim-pool cover is able to increase the water temperature by about 15 Degrees F. Without any doubt, it is the best solar cover for pool.



  • It prevents heat loss
  • It rises the temperature about 15 degrees F
  • This pool cuts water evaporation by 95%
  • This swim-pool covers keep your pool clean by blocking dirt and debris 

10- In The Swim 16-mil Swimming Pool Solar Cover – For In-ground Pools:

It is best for you as it saves your money, energy and time. The blanket of this pool is designed with tiny air bubbles and reinforced flat seams that transfer the heat into your pool. It catches the energy from the sun, transfer it in your pool and prevent it from escaping. With the help of evaporation, this swim-cover helps to minimize chemical loss. In the Swim 16 mil, you can prolong your swimming session and is environmental friendly since it requires the sun to heat the water.


  • It saves the heating cost
  • It is an environment friendly Pool Cover
  • Easy to trim or cut to fit-in different types of pools

Mentioned above are the Top 10 best Solar Pool Cover 2020 and Their Reviews respectively.

What are the Benefits of using Solar Pool Covers?

Solar pool covers provide many benefits including heat maintenance, preventing evaporation and lesser the amount of chemical needed in your pool.

  • Heat retention: The best solar covers work to increase the temperature of your pool up-to 12 degrees F because they have tiny air pockets that traps the sun heat and take it in your pool
  • Preventing Evaporation: The best solar cover does not only catch the sun heat but also prevents water from evaporating about 95%.
  • Reducing chemical needed: One of the main benefits of preventing water evaporation is by reducing the amount of chemical loss. The swim-pool cover prevents chemical wastage by 35-60%


FAQ’s About Solar Pool Covers

How does a Solar Pool Cover work?

A: A solar pool cover works like a cap. It Catches the heat from the sun and prevents your pool from dirt and debris. It also prevents heat loss and water from evaporation

How long does a Solar Pool Cover last?

A: If a Solar Pool Cover maintained properly then it can last up-to 5 to 6 years. If you want that you Solar Pool Cover last for a long time, take care of it. Maintenance involves removing your cover from the light of sun during the hot seasons. Some covers comes with UV protection, which increases the life of a Solar Pool Cover

What do solar pool covers look like?

A: The Solar pool covers come in all shapes and sizes. It can also be trimmed to fit the size of your swimming pool and you can also resized it into a round solar pool cover . Some covers are neat and clear, that are able to increase the temperature of your pool by 12 Degree F.

How to do Solar Pool Cover On and off?

A: You have to remove the Solar Pool Cover after every use, which is very hard to do. Luckily you can buy an add-on accessory that can install and remove the cover easily. If you can’t get any add-on, than simply fold the cover and install it manually and fold it again when you are done using it.

Last Words:

The Best Solar Covers are very much effective for Swimming Pools. They save the energy by warming your Pool, without using electricity or gas. They also reduce the evaporation up-to 97%, which is quite very good. A Solar Pool Cover also conserves chemicals and water. The Top 10 Best Solar Pool Covers have been described above depending upon their amazing features and now you can easily select any one from them.

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