The 5 Best Pool Thermometers 2021 Reviews

In the harsh hot summer the desire of diving into a cool and clear pool is appealing but jumping into too cold or hot water could be a nightmare for you. Or someone accidentally turned the pool heater to maximum. In order to adjust the pool temperature to desirable level you definitely need a pool thermometer. And to know what the best pool thermometer is, different factors need to be understood and analyzed before making the final decision.

Pool Heater Troubleshooting also requires a pool thermometer for example If your pool heater is not working properly or you want to know that everything is working properly or after calibrating your pool heater thermostat you want to know exactly how far the temperature has fallen or needs to be turned up. Pool heater thermometers  also help in energy saving because it allows you to keep an eye on water temperature so you can turn the heater down or possibly even off to save energy, money, and environment.

Heat can make multiple sclerosis symptoms worse. Comfortable pool temperature can help the patients of multiple sclerosis with that condition and it also helps them to workout overheating their body. Basically there are four basic categories of thermometers. And these are mercury, digital, floating, and handheld. There are a lot of thermometers available on the market. Some do work better than others but there is not much variance in quality.

5 Best Pool Thermometers, Reviews 

If you want to purchase the latest pool thermometer for your swim-pool, just go through our mentioned below detailed reviews of the 5 best pool thermometers:

1. Milliard Floating Pool Thermometer

Milliard Floating Pool Thermometer measures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, small in size and the best for smaller pools. It comes with a tether that keeps him in one place but the bear has been glued to the thermometer. The bear part gets removed from this instrument if the glue wears off. It has a very cute design (bear with sunglasses resting on top).tether keeps the thermometer in one place so the instrument will not float away. You can’t see temperature in both calibrations that’s why you can see it in either Centigrade or Fahrenheit .It has thin tether cable but can be broken easily. So, if you not looking for boring look thermometer for a smaller pool then milliard is best choice for you.


  • Made from ABS plastic (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) a durable thermoplastic polymer.
  • It’s comes with interesting design(Bear with sunglasses on top)
  • Thin tether cable to keep the thermometer from floating away.

2. Ambient Weather WS-14 Wireless 8-Channel Pool

Ambient Weather WS-14 Wireless 8-Channel Pool is Wireless Pool Thermometer with a lot of technologically advanced features. It’s also have in-built console with air temperature sensor that monitor air temperature which helps the person to decide the right temperature for his pool. Its accuracy depends on the ideal conditions which means normally it will provide the wireless transmission up to 300 feet but in bad weather its range will get limited to 100 feet and it comes at number 2nd on our list of the 5 best pool thermometers. It also has a search mode that allows you to re-sync sensors without removing the batteries. Optional calibration is provided .The measurement can be fine-tuned from the console. It can also be used for other temperature applications you can also program the audible and visual alerts. Its display console display the minimum and maximum temperature. It is also have scroll mode that helps you to see the indoor thermometer and current remote channels.


  • It has an inbuilt sensor that can record air temperature too
  • Can be monitored from eight different locations at any given time.
  • It has leak proof design and that does not allow water to enter in the device.
  • Comes with an in-built display for temperature reading.

3. Etekcity 1022D Dual Laser Digital Infrared Thermometer

Etekcity 1022D Dual Laser Digital Infrared Thermometer is handheld laser pool thermometer allow you to quickly get a temperature reading on any part of pool water temperature will vary according to depth so it’s ideal to aiming it at the middle of the pool. It uses 9V battery, and measures temperatures from -50°C to 550°C(-58°F to 1022°F).Etekcity 1022D Dual Laser Digital Infrared Thermometer can also be used when you’re doing car maintenance, barbequing, checking hot engine parts, cooking surfaces, checking wine coolers temperature, hot asphalt, electric bearings, and much more or home repairs. It’s also FDA, FCC, CE, ROHS approved and comes with 2 year comes with the distance spot ratio of 12:1 with adjustable emissivity with the response time of 500 Ms.


  • Dual-laser targeting technology makes it more accurate.
  • It also has Auto Shut-off, Data Hold Function, low Battery Indicator & Backlight Display Selection.
  • It comes with adjustable emissivity that allows this thermometer to give you a more reliable result.
  • With max temperature feature you can take the highest temperature of the area.

4. GAME 7000 Derby Duck Spa and Pool Thermometer

GAME 7000 Derby Duck Spa and Pool Thermometer comes with an iconic straw-colored swimming derby duck on top It displays temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Its large calibration allows it to read the temperature with ease. It’s also compatible with the other branded products provided by its manufacturer. In Case of liquid leakage in the pool there is no need to be worried about because it contain nontoxic liquid inside. After some time it may get cloudy and this would make temperature reading difficult or completely useless. It is available on amazon in 10.85 USD.


  • It has a range of 10-160 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Comes with the long and durable tether that keeps the instrument on the surface.
  • Made from shatter-resistant, high-quality materials and contains a non-toxic liquid inside.

5. Aquatix Pro Large Floating Pool Premium Water Temperature Thermometer

Aquatix Pro Large Floating Pool Premium Water Temperature Thermometer is used for the big swimming pools. Its robust built makes it best for public swimming pools. Because of its large size Aquatix Pro Large Floating Pool Premium Water Temperature Thermometer is good option for bigger places and markings will be bigger ensuring higher visibility and it secures its position at number five on our list of the 5 best thermometers. Shatter resistant and high quality material makes it sturdy and durable product and comes with one year warranty. To get temperature reading. It has to be held under water so that its reservoir fills with water then it will give the temperature takes a few minutes to display the result but provide accurate reading. It’s compatible in all systems including Pool Water, Pool Spa, Hot Tubs, Fish Ponds, Aquariums.


  • It provides reading in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.
  • Made from shatter resistant and high quality material.
  • It features a large temperature reading display.

As we have mentioned above the complete review of the 5 best pool thermometers, we are here to provide you a complete buying guide related to the top swimming pool thermometers:

Best Pool Thermometer Buying Guide

There are a number of factors you should consider Before making your final decision on buying a pool thermometer. In order to buy the best pool thermometer for your swimming pool you should consider the following factors.

Size and Capacity

The pool thermometers with less capacity can work efficiently in smaller pool sizes but for the larger pool size you should go for thermometers with more capacity. For example– if you are interested in a pool thermometer for your home then milliard floating pool thermometer could be a great product for you. But if you interested in a pool thermometer for your swimming pool that is big in size then aquatix pro large Floating pool premium water temperature thermometer.

Pool Thermometers Types

There are two types of pool thermometer digital and analogue. Digital models are accurate and technologically advance but cost more than analogue but the digital pool thermometers are more popular than analog because of their technology. Digital models are normally equipped with display console or connected with smartphone app. Analog are the basic types of pool thermometer typically equipped with mercury. Analog pool thermometers are easy to use, cheaper than digital and last longer than digital. But mercury can be damaged by direct sunlight. In case of breakage or leakage they could be harmful for you. The Digital and analog pool thermometer are also divided two types floating and hanging. Handheld are also the type of pool thermometers but they are always digital. Floating models float on swimming pool surface and calculates the water temperature with help of sensor inside of device but provides lower accuracy than other hanging and handheld type of pool thermostats because they are not completely submerged under the surface. The Hanging models are typically attached to the side of pool or ladder submerged under the surface of water these could be a digital or analog model. But they provide fairly accurate reading. The Handheld models are normally held in hand like a gun and considered pretty accurate as well.


  • It’s best to try a pool thermometer or check the display before purchasing it especially when you have eyesight problems.
  • You should go for an affordable highly accurate pool thermometer because accurate reading helps you to maintain the ideal temperature for your pool. Especially when you purchase it for professional needs.
  • Always go for pool products from well-known and respected companies in the pool industry.
  • Before making a final decision, study the reviews about the product.

FAQ’s about the 5 best pool Thermometers

Why do I need a pool thermometer? 

Apparently pool Thermometer may not seem all that important but there are many reasons why you should buy it remaining in cold water temperatures even 60 degrees Fahrenheit can often lead to cold shock. It’s also helps you to save some money and energy because pool thermometer helps you to keeping eye on water temperature and it will allow you to you to turn the heater off when there is no requirement of more heat in temperature. It also helps during maintenance and calibration of pool heater.

How many types of swimming pool thermometers are there? 

Basically there are two types of pool thermometers. Digital and analog but Digital and analog also have two more types which are floating and hanging and digital also has one more type which is handheld. The Digital models are costly but provide accurate and advance features on the other side analog models are cheaper and essay to use but provide less accuracy. Floating models are less accurate than hanging pool thermometers models because they are not submerged like hanging models so that’s why hanging models provide more accuracy than floating pool thermometers models and handheld are mostly available in the form gun and provide very accurate result without any contact with water surface.

How temperature affects your water quality?

Temperature affects your water quality in many summers temperature makes chlorine disappear quickly. The UV rays of the sun break down the chlorine and affect the chlorine levels and water quality. The heavy rainfall can also affect the water quality rain causes bacteria and other dirt to end up in the water. This attacks the active chlorine.

And more cold temperature could also cause algae growth in water.


When it comes to buying the best pool thermometer there are many options and types of models are available in the market. We try our best to present the 5 best pool Thermometers from different categories so you can decide what’s the suitable for your pool. We also try to cover the reviews, features, advantages and disadvantages of pool thermometer to help you out to decide the best thermometer for your pool.


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