8 Best Pool Pole 2021 [Reviews & Complete Buying Guide]

It is very easy to maintain your pool if the right equipment is used. There are many types of equipment which are necessary for every pool and pole pool is one of them. The best pool pole helps you to easily clean the pool’s wall, bottom, and water surface.

Cleaning your pool is very important for your pool. Keeping the Pool filter and pool pump aside, the pool requires some manual cleaning the best maintenance to keep the water safe to swim. Nowadays, we have robotic pool cleaners and automatic pool cleaners, which have their own benefits as well. But it is very important to have a pool pole to remove the dirt that the auto cleaners cannot take out.

You can easily clean the deepest parts of your pool without going inside the pool, by just attaching a rake, skimmer, brush, or vacuum head. Because of this, it is very important to buy a pool pole that can work easily with the pool accessories.

To help you out, we have decided to give you an honest review of the top 8 Best Pool Pole that are available in the market. Each of the products is made to deliver quality and durability. After reading the mentioned below reviews, you will be able to select the best product that suits your pool.

The 8 Best Pool Pole [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Here is a list of the 8 best Pool Pole. You can select any product from the list below according to your pool’s needs. All of them are top-rated and good quality products

1. JED Pool Tools 50-560-16—Professional Telescopic Pole

This is a top-rated product that is specially designed for efficiency. JED Pool Tool professional Deluxe Pole is made up of anodized aluminum and it can expand up to 16 feet. It comes with a 2-piece telescopic pool pole that can extend from 8 to 16 feet. It is an improved model from the previous one. You can use it for many seasons without any doubts that it will be damaged by the sun or water. It is made up of high quality and heavy-duty parts.

Another amazing feature of this JED Pool Tool Deluxe Pole is the smooth finish that features a deluxe large external cam. Which is very affordable, it will not cost as much as others and will last for long. You can use it with JED 70-262, JED 40-386, JED 70-272, and JED 40-365.

It is made up using the aluminum which gives you amazing durability. The weight of this product is very not as much as compare to others. With the super locking cam; brushing, vacuuming, and brushing becomes very easy. And for safety precautions, always place this unit in a shading spot because if you place it in an outdoor place then it becomes very hot.


  • It comes with 50% thicker aluminum wall
  • It can be used with other JED Tools
  • Come with an Anodized telescopic pole that gives durability.
  • Cheaper as compared to others
  • Less is weight

2. U.S. Pool Supply Pool Pole

The U.S. Pool Supply Pool Pole is known as the best pole for many reasons. Firstly, it can attach to all types of accessories such as brushes, vacuums, pool skimmers, and rakes so that you can easily clean the pool water.

This excellent U.S. Pool Supply Pool Pole comes with 2-piece construction, which is better than a 3-piece construction. You want to know why? .Because of the lesser joints (weak points). So, they can extend up to 16 feet.

Each of these two pieces is made up of aluminum which contains anodized surfaces for protection against corrosion. It is also covered by a ribbed design, which gives the entire structure an additional strength. It also comes with a single external locking cam with a minimum of 8 feet in length.


  • Works with all standard accessories
  • Made with strong 2-piece construction
  • Best for small pools
  • Comes with external locking cam which secures the length
  • Best for budget

3. Aqua Select Heavy Duty Telescoping pool pole

This Aqua Select Telescoping Swimming pool pole works with a wide palette of tools. It comes with an aluminum construction that is best for additional strength and durability. It comes with an inner diameter of 1” and an external locking cam, this pool pole is not like other ones which can be a break and bend easily.

It comes with a universal attachment that can be easily fit with pool cleaners such as brushes, vacuum heads, and skimmers. This product can easily match your pool accessories.

Aqua Select Heavy Duty Telescoping Pool Pole comes with an EZ-Clip system of release which allows to change it from one tool to the next tool. It will allow you will spend more time on your swim or spa rather than cleaning it.


  • It comes with a heavy-duty aluminum body
  • It is very light and simple to float through the water
  • It is very easy to connect
  • It is long enough to clean the angels
  • Comes with a rubber handle which provides a strong grip

4. Aquatix Pro Swimming Pool Pole

This Aquatix Pro Swimming Pool Pole is another top-rated and high-quality pool pole. It is made up of high quality and strong aluminum which provides maximum durability and strengths. It can be extended from 4 to 12 feet.

It is best in working with vacuum heads, skimmer nets, and brushes. It comes with amazing capability options and a strong locking system that keeps your accessories and adds-on in one place for deep cleaning and performing other tasks.

Another feature of this Aquatix Pro Swimming pool Pole is its warranty. The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty, which you cannot see in the other units. So, you can get a full refund if you want.


  • It is best for Budget product
  • Comes with a lightweight design
  • Compatible with other tools
  • Made with high-quality aluminum
  • Provides 1-year official warranty

5. HydroTools by Swimline Anodized Telescopic Pool Pole

This HydroTools by Swimline Telescopic Pool Pole comes with an external locking cam and a blue anodized body. It can be extended from 8 ft. to 15 ft. which makes sure that it will reach all corners of your pool.

This unit is very lightweight and you can easily attach it with pool skimmers and brushes. It is also made up of aluminum material which gives protection against corrosion.

You can trust this HydrTools By Swimline Pole for getting a clean pool. It also bears the weight of the wet waste materials. So, altogether it is the best option that you can consider.


  • You can adjust the lengths from 8 to 15 feet
  • It comes with a blue anodized body
  • Comes with an external locking cam
  • Best for house use
  • It can extend from 6 to 11 feet

6. Stanley by poolmaster 21812-Piece 12’ Telescopic pool pole

Just like the other best poles in the market, this Poolmaster Stanley pool pole can easily reach 16 ft. This product is best to use with the majority of spa and standard pool maintenance tools because it is a universal product.

This product is made up of black anodized aluminum material, which is of commercial-grade. Hence, this is the best commercial pool pole. This product is made with 1mm thickness aluminum which is very hard to break. It also comes with a smooth finish that provides safety against rust.

It is the best telescopic pool pole bend or break and it fits in all standard-sized attachments such as Pool brush and vacuum head. You will be glad to know this thing that Poolmaster Stanley pool pole comes with an external locking cam that keeps it in place while collecting dirt and debris from the pool.


  • It can be used with most standard pool/ Spa maintenance tools
  • Made with 1mm thickness aluminum
  • It doesn’t break or blend
  • Smooth finish provides safety against rust
  • Provides Durability

7. Swimline 3-Piece Outside Cam Mailer Telescopic Pole

This Swimline 3-piece Anodized Telescoping Pole provides you excellent features at cheaper prices. It is made with 3-piece blue anodized aluminum that lasts for many years. Its length can extend from 7 feet to 21 feet.  It can work for both small and large pools. Also, there is a magnetic piece attached at the end of this unit, which collects screws and nails that might have fallen into the pool.

Swimline 3-piece Anodized Telescoping Pole can easily adjust with all standard attachments such as nets, vacuum head, skimmers and it comes in blue color. The tightening mechanism is also good; it also bends into the pool’s water to do the needed tasks.


  • Made with 3-piece blue anodized aluminum that lasts for years
  • Its length can extend from 7 ft to 21 ft.
  • Works for both small and large size pools
  • Easily adjusts with all standard attachments
  • Magnetic piece collects screws and nails

8. EVERSPROUT Extension Pool Pole

If you are looking for a Pool Pole which provides great extension then this EVERSPROUT Extension Pool Pole is the best option for you. If you have a large or deep size pool then this is the best telescopic pool pole that you can buy. It can extend from 6.5 ft to 18 ft.

Thus, the EVERSPROUT Extension pole can easily reach down to the floor of any pool. It can easily pick up anything that might have fallen over the pool’s surface. It is made with high-quality aluminum that provides maximum durability. Altogether it comes with a durable, lightweight, and strong design.

It is the best pool extension pole that is compatible with other accessories and US threaded tools. It comes with an easy-lock mechanism that allows you to set ads-on as you want.


  • It comes with a long extension
  • Compatible with other accessories
  • Provides durability and lasts for a long time
  • Comes in a lightweight design
  • Made with high-quality aluminum

Types OF Pool Poles

The main purpose of the Pool Pole is to clean the pool effectively. There are many types of pool poles and each one is designed for different types of pools. Mainly, they come in 3 types

  • Automatic Pool Pole:

    These pool poles are supposed to connect with the pool’s pump inlet. With the help of paddles or propellers driven by water, they propel around the surface of the pool

  • Manual Pool Pole:

    These pool poles are simple mesh nets that are attached to a pole for manual cleaning. They can only catch big size waste materials and not the small particles such as leaves, debris, or stones

  • Self-Contained Pool Pole:

    These pool poles are auto floating poles. It can only be used in the daylight because it is powered by the sun.

Factors to be considered when buying the Best Pool Pole

Before buying any pool pole, you must compare your options, and you must check at least a few different models to see what kind of poles you can get for your money. There are many types of pool poles and each of them comes with different features and aspects. Some pool poles are made with strong material and some of them give long extensions capacity. There are many factors which you should consider when purchasing the right pool pole for your pool. Just take a look down and you will find out the other factors


Most people believe that all the pool poles are the same and there is no difference, but this is not true. There is a variety of products that the buyer can choose from. There are some poles that can clean the bottom and the surface both. But there is also some unit which is specially designed for bottom cleaning and also some amongst them can only clean the surface. So, any pool owner should buy a pole that fulfills their pool’s needs.


The main purpose of any pool pole is to clean every inch of your swimming pool. So, the length of the pole is an important factor that you should consider while purchasing a pole for your pool

Mainly, a long size pole can give you extended reach so that it can clean a wider and deeper pool. But, if you have a small size pool them a shorter pool will be enough.

Best pool extension pole comes with adjustable lengths, so it is best for you to measure the length and depth of the pool after that buy a pole that matches the measurements.


Strengths and durability are the two main factors that you should consider before buying. An anodized surface is best because it gives protection against corrosion or even rusting

It is very important because when the metal dipped in water, it causes rust, and secondly, a lot of chemicals are used in pool maintenance, and they made the pool corrosive.


There are varieties of pool poles available in the markets that are made by different brands. All of them even look similar but the brand’s name always matters.

Going after a good brand is valuable for money because some brands are well known for producing high quality and durable products. For example, JED, Swimline, and Poolmaster are well known for making high-quality products. And for other brands, you have to be careful to select the best and not wasting money on cheap products.


Price is also the main factor, not all expensive poles are the best ones and not all cheap are of poor quality. You should select any product by quality, suitability, and then the price


A pool pole cannot work on its own. You must need to connect it with different accessories like skimmers, brushes, and vacuum heads, to clean the pool from any side.


Always buy a pole that comes with an official warranty from the company. If you buy a product that comes with a warranty from the company and after that in case of any breakages, the company will bear the cost for the repair. You can also get a fully free replacement pool pole if it breaks in the warranty period. The Aquatix Pro Swimming Pool Pole comes with the best warranties of any pool pole.

Benefits of Pool Pole

It is good if you have a swimming pool at your home. Maintaining the pool is very necessary. Changing the water in the pool is not enough; you have to clean the swimming pool regularly. And pool Poles are the best option for keeping the pool water sanitized and clean. They keep the water of your pool crystal clear by removing the leaves, stones, debris, insects, and other waste materials. Pool Poles are adjustable in lengths and can be extended to clean every inch of your pool.

You can also attach the accessories like a vacuum, brush, and rack, etc with the pole to capture the dirt particles that could be harming the water. It makes the maintenance very easy and prevents the production of harmful bacteria and algae in the water

Best Pool Pole FAQs

What are Pole Poles made of?

A: Pool Poles are made up of aluminum which is very strong and lightweight. The aluminum should be anodized to provides resistance against rust and corrosion which adds durability to any pool pole

How long is a pool pole?

A: Any ordinary pool pole can extend from 5 ft to 15 feet but, the telescopic pole extends from 7 ft to 21 ft.

For what purposes a pool pole can be used for?

A:  A pool pole can be used for many purposes. They are mainly designed for cleaning the pool. It also used for brushing, skimming, and vacuuming different parts of the pool. It can also be used for picking up the things that might fall accidentally in your pool.

What are the safety precautions for using a pool pole?

A: There are some risks that you should know when using a pool pole. First of all, be sure that the pool pole is light in weight and length. Older people or people with back issues always to buy a lightweight pool pole. So, they can carry it with ease. Always buy a pool pole that takes less human effort and so you can easily clean the pool.

Final Words:

Choosing the best pool pole vacuum for your swimming pool is a very important thing to consider when buying any pool pole. We have mentioned all the best rated pool pole products that come from well-known brands. You can select any product that fulfills your pool’s needs. We have also mentioned a buying guide for your convenience. We hope that you will be satisfied with our review and now you can decide which pool pole you should buy for your pool.

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