Top 5 Best Pool Paints – Reviews 2021

If your swim-pool looks a bit tired, and current pool paint is chalking or bubbling, it’s time to get it repainted with the brand new pool paints. It can transform the whole look of your swimming pool.

And to start the process, you must need to select the best paint. You can’t go with the normal paint, you need a specific pool paint to start the process.

The best pool paint must be a lot more resistant because of the constant exposure to sunlight and different chemicals.

Selecting the best pool pain depends upon the various factors which may include different materials used to construct the swim-pool, the existence of the paint, its durability and the last one is your budget. You should also keep this in your mind that the pool paint should be easy to apply on your own as well.

We’ve spent a number of hours researching online about the best pool paint, just to ease the buying process for you.

Our reviews about different products includes different types of pool paints form acrylic, vinyl toluene and modified acrylic resin to show their advantages as well.

We have looked many surfaces with the compatibility of paint, from the bare concrete, fiber glass, gunite and some other masonry to valuable metals, plasters, new and old woods and stone at the end.

This will surely help you know that how much every single can of pool paint can yield. Another main factor in buying the pool paint, is you color selection.

The color that you are going choose to paint your pool must match your preference and surrounding as well. In our pool paint buying guide, we’ve looked deeply at the important factors which are needed to be considered before purchasing.

Some of the main factors includes that for how long the pool paints normally lasts and the pool DIY style to paint the pool. At the end of the guide, you must have all the knowledge to buy the best pool paint at the affordable prices which helps your swim-pool area looks cool as new.

Top 5 Pool Paints and Their Reviews 2021

As we’ve previously mentioned a detailed guide about the best Digital Pool Water Testers, now we’re here with the beneficial complete guide and reviews of the best 5 Pool Paints 2020. So here we go:

1. INSL-X WR102409A-01 Pool Paint

This product comes at the number one on our list due to its amazing long lasting features. The paint is available in a one gallon can and the INSL-X WR102409-01 Best Waterborne Semi-Gloss swim-pool pain is our Editor’s choice as well. It can cover approximately 301-400ft squares area and it also an emulsion paint and it works slightly on the damp surfaces. You can also apply it over the perfectly prepared current swim-pool paints without any need to strip the previous paint completely. This pain is best to use with the fresh and saltwater swim-pools and it is very easy to use and apply.

This amazing product is the best option to use for the bare concrete and other in-ground masonry pool in the best conditions. A number of beautiful colors black, royal blue, white and ocean blue are also available in the different shades for your swim-pool. Its VOC is the best thing and it’s not harmful to the environment and for the human beings. One of the useful DIY tip is that, you just need to scrub it with a heavy duty citrus cleaner to get rid of build up at the waterline. In other case, if you’ve a concrete swimming pool, you can easily patched up the cracks and wholes with the help of hydraulic cement.


  • The product is environment friendly
  • It is Quick Drying
  • Long Lasting Color
  • Long-term Protection
  • Covers up to 301-400 Square Feet

2. Pond Armor SKU-CBLUE-QT-R Shield Epoxy Pool Paint

The Pond Armor SKU-CBLUE-QT-R is a nontoxic and best affordable pool paint. The amazing water flow formula allows it to be used in different climates. Generally the climatic changes from 141 Degree F to the Freezing point -78 Degree F. This amazing pool pain is specially designed for the underwater use and good for the plants. As a result of this paint, it will leaves a finished surface with the easy maintenance.

The product is a pond liner and its purpose is to waterproof different water features and it also creates a fashionable and natural appearance with its high quality material as well. You can easily prepare your pond by following the three simple steps and apply a single coat of paint and benefits from your recent newly coated surface. It is instant drying and you can use your pond in the 24 hours. The pain will start working quickly on any surface comprised of brick, metal or wood due to its flexible bond strength which is stronger than the concrete. The kit can easily cover the area of 60 Square Feet on a smooth surface and it is suitable for rubbers and plastics.


  • Easy to Maintain
  • It is nontoxic
  • The pain is durable and flexible
  • It covers up to 60 Square Feet

3. In the Swim Super Proxy Shield – Long Lasting Pool Paint

This swim-pool paint has been reviewed as the best long lasting pool paint in our list and comes at the third number. In the Swim Super Proxy Shield is the best pool coating paint and it normally comes in a two part system and the one part does the trick. It is perfect for the concrete, plaster and fiberglass get coat surfaces. You may need an epoxy primer for some new applications. This 3qt can will approximately cover about 126-150 Square Feet and its heavy duty epoxy coating will surely covers many of the swimming pool surfaces excepts from the vinyl liners.

The paint can’t be applied over the chlorinated rubber base paint surface and it must be used as a finish coat over the primed pool surfaces. As a result, the effects are so good and the paint will definitely last for the maximum years. Also the curing time varies according to the outside air temperature and if it is 60 to 66 Degree F, six days will be allowed for the cure process. This In the Swim pool paint is available in the dark blue, black, pool blue and white colors. The product is available in the high quality with the long lasting time.


  • Easily Affordable
  • It will leaves Excellent Finish
  • Available in Bright and Glossy Colors
  • It Capacity is 3 qt and covers up to 126 to 150 Square Feet

4. RUST OLEUM 260542 – Fast Drying Pool Paint

It is one of the fastest drying paint present in the market and this RUST-OLEUM 260542 is made for concrete and plastered swim-pools. This will keep the pools look refreshing and new. The super protective coat renews and preserves your swim-pool for the longer times. The product has been specially designed to decorate and waterproof both the interior and exterior concrete as well as for plastered swimming pools. It also includes the other concretes and masonry surfaces as well. As we’ll know that, it is a fast drying pool paint product, it will dry within 6 hours. We normally advised you to apply a second coat of the paint at least 24 hours after the first time we apply the first coat. Generally, the product covers approximately 77-100 Squares Feet per gallon on the rough surfaces. And it will covers round about 126-150 Square Feet on the smooth surfaces as well.

The product is available in a five gallon can in blue color and it is been certified as a vinyl toluene modified acrylic type pool paint.


  • Easy to Apply
  • Available at cheap price
  • Provides Pleasant Results
  • It Covers 76 to 100 sq ft per gallon on the rough surfaces and up to 126-150 Square Feet per gallon on the smooth surfaces.

5. AdCoat Swimming Pool Paint – Best Pool Paint

It is one of the best value swim-pool paint and it comes with a 2 part epoxy acrylic water based coating with the long lasting effects. The product is best for the residential, commercial and all industrial swimming pools as well. We can easily use the paint in aqueducts, slides, holding tanks and water ladders. Normally a one gallon kit covers a surface of approximately 300 Square Feet. It is suitable for the ideal use for concrete, plaster and fiberglass. You can use the product for both indoor and outdoor purposes and its 2 part system results in stronger bonding to any surface with a 100% pure epoxy compound as well. The Acrylic resin in it can assists with long lasting and multiple outdoor purposes.

It is normally recommended to install a hydro static best pressure valve while painting your swimming pool and this will also prevent ground water pressure from raising the pool’s surface.

The product is available in cool blue or white color giving a perfect finish and it looks clean and new after doing the paint process.


  • Available in Attractive Colors
  • Gives Excellent Coverage
  • Easy to Mix and Apply on Different Surfaces
  • Covers up to 300 Square Feet

As we’ve mentioned above the Top 5 Pool Paints 2020 and their reviews as well. You can also check our reviews on Electric Pool Heaters to buy right product for you.

Guide for Buying the Best Pool Paint for your Swimming Pool

You just simply need to consider some factors before purchasing the pool paint. By reading the guide, you’ll get to know many tips and some important information regarding to the swim-pool paint before making your final decision. So, just keep in mind the following factors before buying any paint for your swimming pool:

Type: The pool paint comes with the different types which includes epoxy, acrylic, two part, vinyl toluene, and modified acrylic type resin as well. Before you make your purchase, you just need to keep in mind that which type is used in coating your swim-pool. Every type of the paint has its own feature and all you need is to select the best one depending upon the material used in making of your pool.

Surface: It is also a main factor to keep in mind and if you’ve a bare concrete, marcite and other masonry surfaces, the INSL-X WR102409A-01 is the perfect option to paint your pool. Basically, pools have different surfaces and all you need is to select that pool paint, which is compatible with the surface of your swimming pool.

Coverage: The best pool paint with the maximum coverage we’ve mentioned above is also the INSL-X WR102409A-01 and it easily covers up to 301-2400 Square Feet per gallons. The other paints are also provides the coverage by depending upon their qualities and features, but we are recommending you the best one which covers the maximum coverage in the reasonable budget.

Capacity: You’ll need the appropriate paint capacity by depending upon the size of your swim-pool. We recommend RUST-OLEUM 260542 as the best paint because it comes in a five gallon can and have the capacity to paint the maximum area in the least budget with the more benefits.

Color: Selecting the color is someone’s personal choice and we recommend Pond Armor SKU-CBLUE-QT-R Pool Paint which is easily available in every type of kits of Black, Forest Green, Clear, Sky Blue and Tan & White attractive colors.

Price: You pocket determines that how much you are able to spend upon purchasing the best pool paint. We’ve mention the best 5 pool paints which are easily available in the market at the affordable prices. You just need to select that paint which is lesser in price and larger in capacity and cover the maximum area while painting you swimming pool.


Here are some tips on painting your pool with the best Pool Paint:

  • Before starting, do follow the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations to make sure you prepare the pool properly.
  • Use hydraulic cement to cover the wholes and cracks.
  • Just clean the Surface and use a scraper to remove the old paint. After that, simply use a pressure washer to clean the dirty area of your swimming pool.
  • Scrub the walls and the floor of you swim-poo using an acid wash mixture as well.
  • Use some recommended chemicals to clean the surface of your pool and once it is completely clean, it must be rinsed with the water for sure.
  • You might have to wash the whole pool multiple times to make sure that there is no strains left in the pool.
  • After that, pumped up the water and remain the pool dry for nearly 2 to 5 days respectively
    Now, start applying the paint and it is well recommended that start the process from the deeper ends by using an extension roller or any other gadget. Simply use a Brush to paint the tiny areas of your swimming pool like drains lights, valves and many more.
  • If you need to apply the second coat, firstly leaves the pool for the dry process as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • When the paint will be completely dry, fill the pool with water and start enjoying swimming and many other swim-pool fun activities.

FAQ’s About Best Pool Paints

Q: How many gallons of paint should I Buy to paint my Pool?

A: This will totally depends upon some factors and you just need to determine the square footage area of you pool with recommended measuring tool methods. You can also read the manufacturer’s guide for how much paint is required to pain the specific portion or the complete swim-pool.

Q: How do I determine the pool surface area to paint the pool?

A: The simple way to determine the area of your swim-pool is to multiply the length by depth by nearly 7.5 respectively. By this method, you can easily calculate the volume in the gallons.

Q: How does an epoxy paint take to dry normally?

A: You can expect epoxy paint to dry completely in about nearly 6 to 7 days because the humidity factor is present in lesser amount in the air. And for the indoor swimming pools, the dry process can take time up to more than 2 weeks.

Q: How long the pool paint lasts?

A: On the average basis, the pool paints generally lasts for nearly two to three years. Also the epoxy paints have a life of more than 7 years as well.


Purchasing the best pool paint for your swimming pool depends upon various factors which we’ve described above. We’ve mentioned above the list of Top 5 Best Pool Paints, Guide and their Reviews as well. Simply follow the above mentioned guidelines and we hope that our reviews will definitely help you to select the best pool paint for your swimming pool. Just keep in mind that before making the final decision, check the compatibility, durability, capacity and coverage features of the paint. We trust that with the products which we’ve mentioned above, you’ll find the best one for your pool.

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