8 Best LED Pool Lights 2021 [Reviews & Complete Buying Guide]

LED Lights are the basic necessity for every swimming pool. Every pool owner wants the Best LED Pool Lights for their pool.

If you have a party and the sun is going down, then what you can do without the pool lights? This is especially true on hot summer days when the evenings are warm. And who wants to miss the luxury evening swim?

With the help of pool lights, you can do that. You can use your pool 24 hours a day. You can get pool lights in different styles and colors, but the LED’s are best among all of them. Do you want to know why they are the best? Because they are more durable, efficient and it last for years.
You can make your pool safer by installing the pool lights.

In this review, we will tell you about the top 8 led pool lights that are available in the market. We will also give you a buying guide so that you can purchase the best pool lights 2021 that suits your pool.

LED vs Fiber Optic Pool Light: Which one is the Best?

It is very hard to find out whether you go for LED pool lights or Fiber Optic Pool Light. Both of them provide you a variety of colors and make your pool looks beautiful. But there is always one product which defeats the other. Here, we will take a look.

  • Fiber Optic pool lighting— In these lights, the bulb is placed in an illuminator or a lightbox, which is fixed above the pool. The lights then travel through a cable in your pool.
  • Led Pool Lights— These lights are very simple. They produce light by providing voltages through a semiconductor.

Which One is The Best?

If we go deeper into this research then we will definitely have a winner. If you want a light that works for a longer time, provides durability, consume less electricity, and are cheaper than others, then the winner is Led Pool Light.

But if you want the ease of maintenance only, then you should go for Fiber Optics.

The 8 Best Led Pool Lights, Reviews 2021

Here is a list of the top Eight LED pool lights available in the market today:

1. P&LED Color Changing Pool Lights LED Bulb (12V&35W)

This amazing P&LED Color Changing Pool LED is specially made to give the pool some exciting light effects. It comes in different colors including white, dark blue, red, green and purple, etc. Changing the color of the lights is a very easy job; you just have to press the button and it would be done. It also saves money as it doesn’t consume too much electricity. The colors of these LED lights are 40% higher than the other lights available in the market.

This unit doesn’t produce heat and it is very easy to use. The colors are so bright that you can easily see through your pool. It provides you excellent performance and it comes with an easy on/off switch.


  • It comes in different colors
  • It consumes less electricity
  • It doesn’t produce heat
  • Colors are 40% brighter than other lights
  • Easy and simple to use

2. Intex Pool Wall Light (110-120V)

This amazing Intex Pool light comes with some amazing features that made it the top-rated product. The first factor is the brightness, it provides you much-needed brightness that can make your pool looks glowing even at the night.

With this amazing unit, your pool will be transformed completely; due to its single system of light that allows you to swim easily at the night. You don’t need any batteries to power it even it can plug-in your power outlet.

Moreover, it can be easily attached to the pool’s wall and you can easily remove it. Its brightness is so high that it can lighten your entire pool even when installed on the pool’s wall. It can also float on the water if it gets knocked down.
Another main feature is that this product is value for money. It lasts for many years, and even if it is goes-off then you can get replacements as well. You can also get replacements when its useful life is over. NO other LED lights can give you benefits like this product.

Altogether, this is a great light that makes your pool glowing during the evenings and it adds color to the pool.


  • Provides maximum brightness
  • Don’t depend upon batteries for power
  • Comes with an ON/OFF switch
  • Easily floats on Pool’s water if it kicks-off from the pool’s wall
  • Gives you value for money

3. Pentair 601000 IntelliBrite Underwater Best LED Pool Lights, 120v

Pentair 601000 comes with an amazing LED technology that gives you an automated color-changing spa and light. This is one of the finest Pentair pool lights and it consumes less electricity and provides you durability when you compared it with over lights that are available in the market.

It is very simple to use and it comes in five specific colors. These colors include red, white, magenta, and blue. This product will not take much space when installing it on your pool wall. You can also mix the five colors to produce a pattern according to your own will.

This light also performs more functions— it comes with an Easytouch control system that makes it a very simple machine to operate. This unit can provide all the facilities that any pool owner demands.


  • Consumes less energy
  • Comes in 5 specific colors
  • Comes with EasyTouch control system
  • Provides maximum durability
  • Very simple to operate

4. Bonbo Led Pool Bulb White Light (12V 50W)

If you are looking for a cheap white light bulb then this Bonbo Pool light is the best option. It is best for both above ground and in-ground, small-sized or large-sized pools.

This product comes with heat overload safety, which makes it lasts for years. Also, this product can work for 61000 hours. It doesn’t need too much electricity to operate because this is an energy-saving machine.

The only problem is this that it will work best if your housing is of 12v, it will not work for your swimming pools because it is specially designed for 110-130V. But if you want multiple colors to pool lights then we have other brands as listed in this article.


  • It is best for 30000-gallon pools
  • Provides you maximum brightness
  • Consumes less electricity
  • Cheaper than other products
  • Comes with heat overload protection

5. Bolaxin (12V, 35W) Color Changing Swimming Pool Lights LED Bulb

This Bolaxin led pool light is bright enough to make the whole pool beautiful with exciting colors, such as red, purple, green and blue. You can also modify the settings in different ways for a better swimming experience.

This product is best for medium-sized pools and it is also best for Pentair Hayward fixture. This product also takes less energy to operate; it saves your money and you don’t have to pay high bills. It comes with simple remote controls; you can change the colors whenever you want to rock the night pool party.
This Pool light is only suitable for 120V systems, so if you have 12V housing then it works not works properly or the bulb might be damaged.


  • It comes with 15 excellent color modes
  • It comes with an overheated protection system for safety
  • Suitable for 120V systems
  • It is very easy to operate
  • Provides excellent durability

6. Bentolin Color Changing Replacement Swimming Pool Light bulb

This excellent light from Bentolin is not only an ordinary light, but it will light your swimming pool with amazing colors that you have ever imagined for hosting an evening party. It is an underwater light that takes 12V and works best for both AC and DC currents. With this amazing AC & DC technology, you can easily install it in the places where is no reliable electricity available, it will provide light using DC.

It comes with 252 color options, so you can easily select any color from the list. It comes with a lot of colors collection including purple, light blue, pink, red, etc

Moreover, it offers another feature of 16 color settings including color fade, fast color changing, smooth color transition, and medium color changing. And it is so easy to control, you don’t need different controllers to control it, just simply press the power switch on and off and color patterns will be changed.

This amazing pool light lasts for years and provides you durability. It can add beautiful colors around your pool and makes it safe for the evening swim. With this Led bulb light you can enjoy the evening parties whenever you want.


  • It comes with 252 color options
  • Best for AC and DC currents
  • Provides 16 color settings
  • Last for many years
  • Provides color-changing feature with one controller

7. SmartPool NiteLighter NL35 Underwater Pool Light For Above Ground Pools

This SmartPool NiteLighter is specially designed for underwater and it works for a very long time. It is made up of halogen technology which basically lights the swimming pool. With this technology, you don’t have to purchase any more pieces to light up the pool

Every necessary thing comes with this accessory. The whole kit comes with an instruction manual, an extra-long cord and a 12V transformer, that can easily and smoothly give light to your pool.

This bulb light fulfills all the UL and ETL standards; it means that it is a safe product to use. And the best part is this that it doesn’t interfere with the filtration system of your pool.


  • Fulfills all the UL and ETL standards
  • Made with halogen technology
  • Provides you excellent durability
  • Specially designed to remain underwater for a long time
  • Last for years

8. Pentair 78458100 Amerlite Underwater Pool Light

Every product from Pentair is a Top-rated product and they are well-known in this business. They have a good name and everyone trusts their Products.

It is one of the best Pentair led pool lights and with this light, you can be confident that you will not have an accident while swimming.

This product gives you amazing peace of mind and increases swimming sessions; even your evening parties. This product is specially made with stainless steel which is rust-resistance.

This model lasts for many years even you have a saltwater pool or you are using hard chemicals. Its high technology makes sure that it will make the pool clean and safe for many years.

This product doesn’t require too much electricity and reduce your electricity billing. If you compare this product with the others in the market then you will find it the best. Stainless steel shells, prevent the light to contact with water. So, this unit doesn’t allow the bulb to affect the water. This is also a cheaper product than others.


  • Increase your swimming sessions
  • Consume less electricity
  • Cheaper than others
  • Made with stainless steel
  • Made with high standard technology

Factors you should consider before buying Best LED Pool Lights

There are some important things that you should know before going to buy LED Pool Lights. These questions are very important for any pool owner and you should ask these questions to yourself in order to get the best model that suits your swimming pool

Installation Process

Basically, all the Led Lights are very simple and easy to install. Some of them often come with a manufacturer’s manual installation guide that is very easy to follow and understand. But some of them are very hard to install. Not all models will be suitable for your existing pool.


Why you are buying the lights? Yes, for the purpose of lightening your pool. So, the brightness level of the lights should always be considered as an important point. Always buy those lights that serve the purpose well. Also, avoid much brighter colors because they are not good for the eyes.


These Led lights also come with many features but the buyers don’t know them. One of them is the Color Effects. You can select the desired color make it dim or bright according to your own will


Always buy that product which is energy sufficient and saves electricity. Everyone loves to save the electricity as well as enjoying the swim with colorful floating pool lights.


Considering the durability of the product is also the main point to discuss. Always buy a product that lasts for years.

Tips for Lighting the Pool

The main purpose of any pool light is to enjoy the swim with your family during the night time. These lights also tell where the steps when there are is no sunlight.

  • Lighting around the Pool

Always install low voltage pool lights around your pool and the yard. You can also place them on the nearby trees or any other thing. They give you safety as well as improves the atmosphere

  • Lighting in Your Pool
    Led pool lights are especially able to transform your pool into an amazing aquatic area. You can set up anywhere around the pool to enjoy different colors. You can also set them according to your own needs. You can install them on walls or even in pipes to enjoy the swim.

Why You Should Buy LED Pool Lights?

There are many reasons why you should buy these lights and you might know most of them.

  • Charming effects: These lights create an exciting effect during the night and also inside and around the pool
  • Extend the Swim sessions: These lights provide brightness and because of that light, the swimmers can swim even in the night

FAQ’s about Best LED Pool Lights

What is the Best Led Pool Light?

A: All of the above-mentioned products are the top-rated LED Lights. All of them are the best according to the quality and the features they provide. You can select any product according to your pool’s requirements.

How many colors do LED lights offer?

A: They come in different colors such as blue, pink, purple, yellow and green, etc. They are specially designed to make your pool looks glowing.

How competent are LED lights Compared to Other Bulbs?

A: According to a report by Energy Star these Led Lights are 90% more efficient than other bulbs. They also last longer than other units

How long should a LED Pool Lights Last?

A: If you purchase a LED Pool Light that is made by a good company then it will last for many years. All of the products mentioned above are made by good companies, so you can purchase from them

LED Pool Lights are safe to use?

A: Yes, these lights are safe to use as they are made with Overheat protection. Most of them are protected by the seals, so the water cannot touch the bulb. Also, they provide you with safety even when you are swimming at night.

Do Pool Lights save electricity?

A: Yes, most of them are energy efficient and saves electricity cost. According to a report by Energy Start, these lights save 90% of electricity than the other ones

Are Led Lights are more sufficient than traditional lights?

A: Yes, these lights are more sufficient than the traditional lights. Cheaper, energy-efficient, and lasts for many years

Final Words

Choosing the Best LED Pool Lights for your swimming pool is not an easy process but we’ve helped you make the right decision. You can consider many factors while buying these lights but if you buy any product from the above top eight listed products then you will definitely not go wrong.

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