The 10 Best Intex Pool Reviews 2021

Summer pools have always been a great source of enjoyment and comfort in hot summers. Everyone wants to dip their head in cool water in summer to beat the heat of summer. So, having a swimming pool in your backyard is a great fun in summers. But its not always easy and affordable for every family to dig and set up their own inground pool. Many families live in rental houses. So, they can’t install inground pools. The best alternative to swimming pool is an Intex soft-sided above ground pool.

Due to the easy installation procedure and affordability, Intex pools have become extremely popular. With the best Intex above ground pool, you don’t need to worry about digging your own pool which is very heavy on your pocket. The best Intex pools are quick to install and set up.

10 best Intex Pool Reviews 2021

The latest intex pool has its own reputation in the market and we are here to provide you with a detailed review of brand new Intex Pools:

1. Intex Metal Frame Above Ground Pool 15ft x 48in

Intex Metal Frame 15ft x 48in above ground is the one which is best known for its extra durability. This pool has a durable metal frame that provides strong support to the walls and keeps it strong. If you enjoy cooling off in your garden in summer like everyone else does, then this pool will serve you very well over the years. It comes all packed with triple strong and tough laminated walls which are reinforced with an all-round band which keeps the shape of the pool firmly in place. Laminated PVC is used as main material so that you can enjoy cooling off yourself in the pool without worrying about any leakage. The PVC material makes it sunlight, abrasion, impact resistant.

It will take you only 45 minutes to get ready this pool with water capacity of 4400 gallons. It comes packed with cartridge filter pump, ladder, ground cloth, debris cover and 3-ply material. It also includes a DVD which contains the setup and maintenance instructions. You can easily move the drainage water to a garden hose or out of house area with a drain plug. Although it is very durable, it is safe not to set it up on sand mud or loose soil conditions.

Key Features:

  •       Includes filter pump in the package
  •       PVC material for high durability
  •       Vey Sturdy
  •       Easy to install & assemble
  •       Great Suction Power
  •       Drain Plug to move the draining water easily.

2. Intex Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool Set Above Ground Pool

What is the most important aspect which you keep in mind when buying a pool? And the answer is strength! Intex Ultra Frame above ground pool is the one engineered for strength and it comes at number 2nd on our list of the 10 best intex pool reviews. The pool is supported by strong and durable steel frames which are powder coated to make it rust-resistant and enhances its beauty. With such a contemporary appearance and increased strength Intex Ultra Frame sets the standard for luxury in the market. You will be able to enjoy sparkling water with Krystal clear sand filet pump which is included in the package.

Dual suction outlet fittings improve the water circulation as well as hygiene and clarity of the water. It includes a ladder in the package to provide support and stability since the pool can capacitate 14,364 gallons of water. Do not set it up on mud, sand, or loose soil as mentioned in instructions and maintenance DVD.

Key Features:

  •       Easy to set up
  •       Strong steel frame that makes it extra durable
  •       Comes with a DVD for setup and maintenance
  •       Crystal Clear, Sand filter pump makes sure the water will sparkle
  •       Great Suction Power

3. Intex Mini Frame Above Ground Pool

The Intex Mini Frame above ground pool is the best option that your children would love to cool off themselves in hot summers. Best suitable for children above 3 years old with water capacity of 89 gallons. It is available in blue and green cool colors.

The kids will safely enjoy and relax in the water as it is foam padded with horizontal beams for comfort. And the galvanized steel frame will hold the water without any worry, and you will be rest assured for the safety of your kids. Moreover, it comes with a drain plug to help you move the drainage water easily as well as a repair patch kit to maintain the pool if any sort of damage occurs.

Key Features:

  •       Ideal for the kids to splash.
  •       Comes with a repair patch kit and drain plug
  •       It can hold up to 89 gallons of water
  •       Durable and affordable.
  •       Does not require much water and help in keeping your water bills low.

4. Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center

Intex Rainbow Ring is loved by a lot of parents and it has become their go-to choice for their lovely kids. Children always deserve a lot of fun, with the Intex Rainbow Ring they can have much more fun. As it is packed as a play center for kids, including a water slide, water sprayer, wading pool, and a ring toss game. The Intex Rainbow Ring could be the best option and it secures its place at number 4th on the list of the 10 best intex pool reviews 2020.

Furthermore, with four inflatable rings it can bring the party in your yard within a few minutes. The water sprayer can be attached to the hose keeping the kids cool from the summer heat while they play. It can hold up to 77 gallons of water. As The ball roller and toss ball game include six plastic play, it will provide the right amount of fun for your kids and their friends too. Intex Rainbow Ring has everything you need for your kids to have fun in summers.

Key Features:

  •       Best inflatable pool ever.
  •       Water Sprayer to keep the kids cool.
  •       Additional equipment included for games.
  •       Fun features like water slide.

5. Intex 8ft X 30in Easy Set Above Ground Pool Set

The pool maintains its 5th position at our list of latest intex pool. This Intex Easy Set above ground pool can accommodate up to 4 people. Made from sturdy and super-tough laminated PVC, it is ready to serve for many years to come as it is super durable. It includes a convenient drain plug that can be connected to a garden to drain away from the drainage water from pool area. You shouldn’t worry about the installation procedure at all because 110-120-volt filter pump is included to fill the surface with clean and sparkling water in just 10 minutes.

Setting it up is very handy you simply have to spread it out on the level ground and inflate the top ring and enjoy the fun. Dual suction outlet fittings improve water circulation and provide better water hygiene and clarity.

Key Features:

  •       Filter pump included which makes installation very easy.
  •       Sturdy PVC material that provides extra durability.
  •       Setup and maintenance DVD included as well.
  •       Drain plug to move the water easily.
  •       Very easy to set up without any tools required.
  •       Provides Value for money.

6. Intex Family Swim Center Ground Pool

Customers always love the option with an easy setup procedure, and the Intex Family Swim provides exactly that. If you are also looking for an option that comes with super-easy installation procedure, then you no longer need to worry. It is made from durable vinyl and can capacitate 198 gallons of water.

Once you have made the purchase, the package will come including a shelf box along with a repair patch kit. So, you don’t need to purchase them separately. Installing and using this pool will be very easy as the two air chambers both having a double valve intake and a free flow exhaust valve. Please don’t lean or straddle the side as it can damage the walls and can cause injury or flooding. Do not install your pool on sand, mud, loose soil as well as any other hard surface like concrete or asphalt. Check out the user manual before use.

Key Features:

  •       Easy installation with double valve intake.
  •       Made from vinyl constructions making it durable.
  •       Two air chambers making the installation even easier.

7. Intex Swim Center Inflatable Above Ground Pool

As we all know that the pools are all enjoyment in summers, and the Swim Center is the one which is ready to deliver all the summer fun you need and it is one of the affordable pools in the list of the 10 best intex pool reviews 2020. It features a built-in bench especially built for parents to relax and watch out their kids while they play to ensure comfort and safety.  In addition to the built-in bench, there are two side cup holders that allow you to drink your favorite cocktail while enjoying inside the pools with your kids.  And get cozy with your kids.

Also, it includes a drain plug made of vinyl to serve you for years. You can add the water in only a few minutes once the two air chambers are filled, provided with a combo valve for quick inflation and deflation. Furthermore, it includes a repair patch kit to help you fix any leakage if occurs.

Key Features:

  •       No filter pump required.
  •       A 10 feet diameter with a place to relax.
  •       Will be ready in only 15 minutes.

8. Intex 14ft x 42in Prism Frame Pool Set

The Intex Prism Frame Pool is quite large 14ft x 42in round-shaped model.  This pool supported by a strong powder-coated frame with a durable 3-ply liner. The water capacity of this large pool is 33,57 gallons and will be ready for water in 45 minutes. The pool offers a very premium experience to its customers because of its large size and round shape. You can do swimming, float around, take a few laps, relax on inflatable device or you can perform any fitness exercise as well.

The amazing pool does not require an air pump to set it up. The large frames keep the shape the of the pool intact. It will never rust or break as it is powder-coated for durability.  It also includes a 110-120V cartridge filter pump with a pump flow rate of 1, 000 gallons per hour. It comes packed with a ladder, pool cover, ground cloth as well. You can get in and out of the pool easily with the help of ladder.

Key Features:

  •       Strong, powder-coated frames which are rust-resistant.
  •       Water capacity of 33,57 gallons.
  •       Includes pool ladder, pool cover, and ground cloth.
  •       Ready to water in 45 minutes.
  •       3-ply material used

9. Intex Easy Set Up Above Ground Pool 10ft x 30In

The large size of the Intex Easy Setup above ground pool is what makes it a brilliant option among its customers. With a 10 feet diameter and 30-inch height, it is budget-friendly as well as the biggest option within this budget.  You can find your perfect fit from series of 3 Intex edition of pools made of PVC material that comes in various sizes. And this is one of the biggest option available which let you swim inside the pool.

A lot of happy customers love this pool as it is easy to install and set up no extra tools required to set it up and it will be ready for water in 15 minutes. It comes with a DVD with all instructions to set it up in the best possible way without making any damage. It can hold up t0 1018 gallons of water easily. One of the best Intex pools that you can have during summers.

Key Features:

  •       Ready for water in only 15 minutes.
  •       You Don’t need extra tools for setup.
  •       Deep enough to allow swimming inside.

10.   Intex Oval Frame Above Ground Pool

Mostly, people have a misconception that inflatable pools are not long-lasting but Intex Oval Frame is here to prove you wrong. As it is designed, keeping the strength in mind with an oval shape supported by a sturdy steel frame. You can be rest assured about the protection and durability of this Intex pool will be guaranteed in the long run. The rest of the pool is made from PVC material that will give peace of mind about any leakage.

Maintenance of the pool is quite easy because of the Krystal clear filter pump which is included in the package. The filer pump serves great when it comes to cleaning extra sand. It can be ready for water and swim in 30 minutes providing you a clean surface with sparkling water. It also comes with ground cloth, and debris cover together with drain plug which makes it easy to move the water.

Key Features:

  •       Oval shape with extra-large Size.
  •       Includes debris cover to keep water clean.
  •       Krystal clear water pump with easy maintenance.

As we have described above detailed reviews about the 10 best intex pool 2020, now we are going to describe their benefits:

Benefits of having an Intex Pool

A lot of potential buyers think whether they should choose an Intex Pool or whether they should go for an expensive conventional pool. Following are the benefits that you will have if you choose Intex Pool over any other brand.


Intex Pool starts at a very cheap price. In just $250, your family or kids can enjoy a swimming pool for 2 to 3 years, isn’t it amazing?

Set up

Intex Pools are very easy to set up and maintain. They are ready for water usually in half an hour. Like you buy an Intex Pool from the store in the morning and will be swimming in the pool in the afternoon.


There is no long-term commitment involved in buying an Intex pool. If you have rent out a home still you can set up a soft-sided pool as it doesn’t require any work to the property grounds. And even you can re-sell your pool and accessories through classified advertising service.

Size and Simplicity

Intex Pools mostly comes in compact sizes, which are easy to install and maintain. There is no any complex installation procedure involved. Also, they don’t require any heavy equipment. The Intex pool uses pumps and filters.

Intex pools includes the kits of all parts and accessories.

FAQ’S about Best Intex Pool

Q:  Why should I choose Intex pool?

There are a lot of above ground pool brands but Intex seems to be the most popular among them because, Intex is all about safety. Safety is the first priority for Intex in above ground pools. They provide easy installation, maintenance, and mobility in their large Intex Pool designs.

Q: Are Intex pools safe?

Yes! Intex brand is all about safety. Intex is particular about safety when it comes to the type of material used, to the design, and the accessories used for inflatable pools.

Always remember to follow instruction manual carefully to avoid any accident.

How much do Intex Pools cost?

Various types of Intex pools comes with different price tag. The most affordable Easy Set Pool starts at under $50 for smallest sizes and up to $300 for larger sizes.

The upper end of the Intex range starts at $500 for smaller sizes and go up to about $1500 for largest pool systems.


Intex is best known for making high-quality products and they have provided plenty of support on their website as well. From the detailed review of the 10 best Intex Pool Reviews 2020, select the reliable and perfect one for you. Once you understand your overall needs for a pool and the differences between each pool, you will be quite confident in making a decision with full confidence. And you can save time and money by investing in the best Intex above ground pool. We hope after reading this complete review guide you will be able to choose the Intex pool that fulfills all your needs. However, we recommend the standard Intex  15ft x 48in which is best of the best for a small medium-sized family.

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