Top 5 Best Harris Pool Pumps, Reviews 2021

Purchasing a swimming pool pump is a huge investment that you need to consider before doing it. Anyways, you shouldn’t go for the most expensive model that you come across to make sure that you purchase the right unit.

In any case, the market has changed over these years and today there are many affordable pool pumps that can last for years. One of the main examples is Harris Pool Pumps that were made to provide value for your money and provides you an excellent service. It is said that the Harris ProForce in-ground pool pump is more affordable than the other pool pumps like Hayward and Pentair. That’s why Harris ProForce Pump is more beneficial than the others.

They are more affordable than other well-known brands, and also they deliver quality performances. They’ll provide you all those features that you would expect to get from any top-rated model in the Market.
In the list mention below, we’re going to give a review on the Top 5 Best Harris Pool Pump available in the market today. So, here we go

Harris Pool Pump Reviews

After providing you with the detailed knowledge about the best Pool Pumps of 2021, now we’re going to provide you with the list of Top 5 Best Harris Pool Pumps, Reviews 2020:

  1.  Harris ProForce H1572748 1.5 HP In-ground Pool Pump

This Harris ProForce H1572748 is a high performance pool pump that is specially designed for in-ground swimming pools. It comes with a variety of many features and costs you half the price of majority of brands. You can also judge it by name “ProForce” implies; this pool pump offers 1.5 horsepower which is more than the average to drive large volumes of water quickly. With this kind of power, you just need to run the pump a few hours in a day. It will save your energy and time too.

With having a powerful motor, this pump runs so quietly that you cannot judge that it is ON or OFF. This feature makes it ideal for the residential use. Another main feature of this pump is that you can change the voltage from 230V to 115V, which make this pool pump by Harris well suited for that premises that have deferent power installations. It is very easy to install, as you don’t need to call any pool technician for the installation.


  • This Pool Pump comes with a large easy-to-clean basket
  • It performs operations quietly
  • Gives you Reliable performance
  • Automatically shut-off for your safety

2- Harris ProForce H1572729 1 HP—Pool Pump for Above Ground

If you are finding a budget-friendly pool pump that gives excellent performance, you should probably go with Harris H1572729. This energy saving above ground pool pump is famous for its excellent build quality and low price. It contains a thermoplastic body, stainless steel motor shaft and doubled-sized graphite seals that can bare the toughest situations and will get the job easily done.

In addition, it also comes with a powerful 115HV, 1HP motor that is capable of pushing water quickly for efficient flow. It also runs quieter than the other pumps, which makes it perfect for noise-sensitive locations. Also, the fittings of the pump are replaceable as well. This means if you saw defects in any parts, you can easily purchase only that particular part that you want to buy.

It is very easy to install, as it takes less than 20 minutes for the installation process. It also contains a convenient drain plug which makes it easy to maintain water levels during winter season. This Harris pool pump also contains a strainer basket to catch debris for a long time.


  • This Pool pump performs operations quietly
  • It is very easy to install and efficient in use
  • Comes with a large basket strainer to trap Debris
  • Provides you built-in safety features

3- Harris ProForce H1572730 1.5 HP—Above Ground Pool Pump

This Harris ProForce H1572730 is an above ground pool pump that gives you efficient and reliable performance. This unit comes with a powerful 1.5 H motor which has the capacity of forcefully driving the volumes of water within few hours, ensuring that your swimming pool stays cleans.
As like the other Harris Pool Pumps, it is also very easy to install. You don’t need any special skill to install it; as it comes with a detailed DIY manual that you can use to set up the pump within minutes. This Harris H1572730 pump is also much quieter as compared to other units. It can provide outstanding performance beyond your expectations. It also contains a stainless steel motor and a reinforced thermoplastic body to bare corrosion. This Pool pump also comes with a seal that prevents water from getting into the Pump.
In case of maintenance, this Harris Pool Pump has an easy-to-clean filter basket with a transparent cover. The large strainer is also capable of holding a big amount of debris at the given time.


  • It is easy to assemble
  • Performs Super quiet operations
  • Easy to maintain
  • Features you durable and corrosion resistant components

4- Harris Vortex Above Ground Sand Filter System H1572230 with 1.5 HP Pump

If you are managing a commercial swimming pool or spa, you need to fix a stronger filtration unit rather than just a regular pool pump. This Is why because commercial pools needs a high level of treatment to keep the water clean and clear. At this point Harris H1572230 comes into play.
This Pool pump is a versatile sand filter system that comes with a 1.5 hp pool pump. It works same like any other pump but it is one step ahead to remove debris and dirt. This Harris Vortex Pump can drive water at a rate of 50 gallons per minute due to its powerful 1 ½ HP motor.
Another amazing feature of this sand filter system is that it can offers you maximum controls as far as positioning is concerned. It contains a 7-posiyion valve couples with a flange clamp that can rotate up-to 360 degrees.


  • It can pumps up-to 50 gallons per minute
  • It gives you a powerful performance for large pools
  • Throws all dirt and debris effortlessly
  • Saves your money

5- Harris HE73103001— In-ground Cartridge Filter

This Harris in-ground cartridge filter can handle a lot of trash before you need to clean it. It also works as a replacement filter. This filter works with the most swimming pool pumps but it was mainly made for The Harris HPE003 56Y Frame pump. That means it is a universal product that you can get and be confident that it will definitely works superbly.

Another feature of this model is the fully integrated Debris filter that blocks the Debris and Dirt to fall into your swim- pool. It is the most affordable Cartridge filters you can buy online.


  • This pump has large capacity to handle trash
  • It is universal product and it works with the most swim-pools
  • It blocks debris and dirt from falling in the pool
  • It Is easily affordable

We’ve mentioned above the list of Top 5 Best Harris Pool Pumps, Reviews 2020 just to increase your knowledge about the Harris Pool pumps. You can also check some valuable reviews on the best Solar Pool Covers as well.

FAQ’s about Harris Pool Pumps

Q: How do you install Harris ProForce In-ground Pool Pump?
Any Pool Pump should be installed by someone who has necessary experience of this field to avoid improper connections. There are a lot of things to consider in this article. But you can learn better with the Guide that comes with every pool pump as well.

Q: How much maintenance does this Harris pool pump need?
The strainer basket requires daily cleaning to remove any trapped debris. The pool pump motor has self lubricating motor bearings and seals that don’t need any lubrication. But, the shaft seals need replacement at some point in time.

Q: How long is the warranty of Harris ProForce in-ground Pool Pump
Harris pool products comes with one year warranty. The parts that break down during the warranty period shall be replaced at their option without any charge.

Q: Why is my pump motor not starting?
A: That could be few reasons:

First: The motor shaft might not be moving freely due to obstructions or a problem with shaft seal.

Second: There must be a problem with the electrical wiring.

Third: If you have installed a timer, you should check that either it is working or not. If not, then you’ve to bypass the timer and see if it solves the problem.


However, selecting the best Harris Pool Pump was a lit bit difficult for us. But we try our best to provide you the List of Top 5 Best Harris Pool Pumps, Reviews 2021. We prior Harris H1572748 ProFOrce 1.5 HP as the best pool pump for several reasons. Let us tell you why; it is made up of high quality materials, it is compatible with all types of pools and the best part is that it is very affordable as compared to the other Pool Pumps in the Market.

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