The 5 Best Dog Pool Ramps 2021, Reviews and Buying Guide

Pet lovers always want their pets around them, wherever they go, be it watching television, going for walk, or jumping into a pool. If you are a dog person then your dog also wants to cool down himself in relaxing water during hot summers. But getting your dog in and out can really be a pain in the neck especially with small-sized pool ladders.

That’s when Dog Pool Ramps are a great choice to get for your pup.

A pool ramp is a platform that can be adjusted at a particular angel in your pool providing your pooch an easy way for getting in and out of the pool safely.

5 Best Dog Pool Ramps 2021, Detailed Review

We are here to help you choose the best pool ramp for your furry friend. Have a look on the latest review about best do pool ramps:

1. Skamper Dog Ramp for Swimming Pool

The Skamper pool ramp is an awesome pool ramp for dogs. Loved by a huge amount of dog lovers. If you are worried about the safety of your dog, Skamper ramp is just good news for you. This ramp not only prevents your dog from drowning but also provides an easy way for your dog to get in and out of the pool. Your dog just has to swim to the surface and climb on the ramp. Skapmer ramp is the best dog pool ramp and is suitable for in-ground pools, not for temporary swimming pools. The inclination angle of this dog ramp can be adjusted according to the size and comfort level of your dog. You simply need to attach the ramp to the side of the pool with provided rope and hardware. So that the ramp stays at the top of the water.

You can tie your dog with the ramp in a big sized pool as well.

This dog ramp is UV-resistant and includes a ramp, nuts and bolts, wing strips, nylon rope, and instruction manual quite easy to follow.


  • UV-resistant material.
  • Amazon’s Choice for Dog Ramps.
  • Available in two Sizes Large, regular.
  • Easy to follow instruction manual.

2. PetSTEP Original Folding Pet Ramp

PetSTEP folding pet pool ramp is one of the finest dog pool ramp ever. It is made from high quality, soft, non-slippery, rubberized walking surface. If you are looking for the convenience for your dog PetSTEP is the best choice and it comes at number 2nd on our list of 5 Best Dog Pool Ramps 2020. It has provided good traction in every weather condition, whether it is wet or dry. PetSTEP folding pool ramp can be used on every edgy surface be it swimming pool, your vehicle, or bed. The dog pool requires no special hardware for assembly and is available in two colors; Grey and Beige.

It has got a universal grip and can work with most of the bots. The advanced composite plastic construction can hold any size dog easily. Folded in seconds, easy to carry, rust and corrode resistant and can be cleaned with soap and water. Generally, this is a great dog pool ramp for small and medium-sized dogs as the ladder is lightweight for easy portability.


  • Hold up to 500 lbs.
  • Two colors Grey, Beige.
  • Superior Traction
  • Will not rust or corrode
  • Universal non-slippery grip fits
  • Advanced Composite Plastic used.

3. Great Day’s LP500 Pet-Loading Platform (200)

This precise and nice-looking pet pool ramp by Great Day makes getting in and out very easy for your pup. It works very well for both pools and boats. You can simply hook the ramp to your boat’s boarding ladder and let your pup have some fun. It can be placed alongside a pool as well. It does not require any manual support. Your dog can climb in and out of the pool at its own quite easily.

The dog pool ramp is constructed from lightweight, yet sturdy aircraft aluminum and it comes with gripping ridges to ensure a solid and safe footing for your dog as he climbs back to the boat after a swim. Ridges on the ramp surface provide a strong grip and make sure your dog doesn’t slip when he is wet. To operate it on your boat, your boat should have a boarding ladder, connect this ramp to the boarding ladder and you are done. Great Day’s Load-A-Pup is on our 3rd list because it is size impaired as it is almost 2 feet long its not suitable for large size dogs.

Generally, you will be satisfied with the overall quality of the ramp. The security straps will hold the platform with no hassle.


  • Best suitable for small size dogs
  • Long-lasting Lightweight Aircraft Aluminum
  • Fits well on any boarding ladder
  • Easy to assemble across poolside

4. PoolPup Steps by Paws Aboard

This PoolPup Steps by Paws abroad is a little different than the dog pool ramps that we have reviewed above. The PoolPup steps consist of three large steps without slats in the middle and comes at number 4th on our latest list of Best Dog Pool Ramps 2020. These steps are screw-driven into the side of your pool so please make sure you have a screwdriver and pins at home to make the installation easy. These steps provide a secure and long-lasting escape for your dog without any inconvenience. Steps contain no holes so there is no chance for your dog to get his paws stuck in.

The material used in the construction of PoolPup Steps is UV stable and chlorine resistant. This pool ramp is quite easy to remove and replace, just take out the two pins you screwed in and the steps can be stored for winter storage or cleaning. These steps are best suitable for pets between 4 to 150 pounds, although smaller dogs might need some help getting in and out of the pool. The steps work for inground and above ground pools.


  • Slip-proof grit strips for your dog
  • UV and Chlorine resistant steps
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Best for small size dogs

5. PetSafe Happy Ride Folding Dog Ramp

This portable easy to carry pet folding ramp is one of best ramp for dogs. This folding dog ramp is loved by a lot of customers due to its easy portability and multi-tasking and features in Amazon’s Choice category. As it can be used for poolside, cars, minivan or SUV, to get your pup in and out of the car or pool all by themselves. It is made of tough and strong material that supports dogs weighing up to 150 pounds. Hence it has a narrow platform thus cannot accommodate large size dogs.

There are side-rails and high traction which keep your dog safe from slipping or falling from the ramp when walking on the ramp.

This ramp easily folds into half and can be locked with a safety latch to let you easily store it in the vehicle.

PetSafe Happy Ride Folding Dog Ramp is a lightweight, full-sized, and economical ramp in the market.


  • Easy to port and fold.
  • Rugged plastic giving it a matte look.
  • High-traction surface.
  • Accommodate up to 150 lbs.

Reliable Dog Pool Ramps Detailed Buying Guide

As we’ve mentioned above the detailed review of latest 5 Best Dog Pool Ramps 2020, we’re here with its complete and excellent buying guide. There are multiple factors to consider when it comes to choosing the best dog pool ramp. The following are the key features to look for to give your dog a hassle-free swimming experience.


Imagine how frustrated you would feel if you have purchased a small ramp and your dog is large and vice versa. So, it is very important to keep your dog’s measurements with you before getting a right-sized ramp for him.

Anti-Slipping material

Always choose a ramp which is made from high-quality anti-slippery material. It is certain when your dog is out of a swim and drenching in the water there are chances that your pup might slip off the ramp. Therefore, a ramp with anti-slippery material will prevent your pet from failing.

Easy to assemble

Ramps that are easy to assemble and install are a good choice rather than permanent pool ramps that fix at one place and require effort to install. So always go for a ramp that is portable and easy to carry.


Foldable pet ramps and platforms are easy to carry to store. They can be folded into half and occupy less space around your pool. They are always easy to fir in your vehicle.

FAQ’s about Best Dog Pool Ramps 

1. How to train a dog to use a pool ramp? 

First train your dog by putting the pool ramp on a flat surface, and then gradually increase the inclination angle once your dog is familiar using the ramp. In the beginning, you may need to monitor your pup while it is learning to climb a pool ramp. Make sure there is no slippery stuff of one surface on the ramp.

2. Are dog stairs better than dog pool ramps? 

No! pool ramps are better than stairs for old and small puppies. Place a ramp at a low inclination angle and allow your pup to practice for a few days. In case your dog knows how to climb stairs then you may prefer stairs over a ramp.

3. How much a dog pool ramp cost you?

Generally, a pool ramp costs between $50-$150. Again, it depends on the quality and sturdiness of the ramp which you are choosing.


If your dog is facing difficulty while entering or exiting the pool, it may lead to some injury or even drowning of your dog if you are not around. Dog pool ramps are a great accessory for your dog if he loves to swim, pool ramps make getting in and out easy for your dog without getting injured. So always pay great attention when selecting a pool ramp for your dog. Choose the one which is the most suitable, and comfortable for your dog.  I hope the above-reviewed dog pool ramps will help you a lot in selecting the best ramp for your dog. Select the best ramp from our complete review of 5 Best Dog Pool Ramps 2020 and get your dog in and out from the pool safely.

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