Best 8 Digital Pool Water Testers, Reviews 2021

You can keep safe your swimming pool water from bacteria and algae by using different chemicals. This is very important because the existence of this ruination can leave a bad effect to you and to your family’s health.

The best way to measure the situation of pool water is to utilize best pool water testers at your home. There is a number of products out there in the market, that all designed to help you test your swim-pool water to take a safe swim.

Although there are so many products available out in the market, this is a bit difficult to select the right digital pool water tester. This article will helps you to find the best digital pool water testers in 2020.

List of Best 8 Digital Pool Water Testers

We are mentioning the top 8 best digital pool water testers. Let’s examine in details, what makes these digital pool water tester best in the market.

1. LaMotte 2056 ColorQ Pro 7- Pool Water Tester

LaMotte 2056 pool water tester is very quick and simple tool for use. You can easily use it to find the level of salt in the water. The result of alkalinity in the water is displayed on the digital screen which is very easy to read and pretty error free as well. This pool water tester can be used to find a number of chemicals present in your pool.

It is also comes with a digital meter and gives you digital readings of test results. The best thing is that it is water resistance and comes with a carrying case.


  • The kit can be used to find a number of chemical in your pool. Moreover, it test free and total chlorine, it can also test calcium hardness, alkalinity.
  • Photometer is a digital meter which gives you a digital reading of test result.
  • LaMotte 2056 pool water tester provide water resistance and carrying case.
  • The vials fill with water from your swimming pool, then you add four to five drops any reagent you’re working with.

2. Cakie Digital pH Meter-Digital Pool Water Tester

This is high quality, long lasting and correct pH digital pool water tester that comes with a LCD to show the result immediately. It is very easy to use just remove the cap and dip into the water. It is close packed and come with a use full storage case.


  • Now a day’s it is the highly accurate digital pool tester
  • This is come with auto temperature retribution
  • One touch button to evaluate the tester at once
  • It comes with 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

3. Bluewave 6-in-1 Electronic Pool and Spa Water Tester

This is rugged and long lasting water tester that is not sensitive but it has a good sensor which gives you a very good result. Bluewave 6-in-1 electronic pool and spa water tester is very easy to use due to the push button on the body.


  • In Bluewave 6-in-1 electronic pool and spa water tester there is a commercial grade sensor which gives you a very good result.
  • With this pool water tester you can measure temperature and pH accurately.
  • This kit is rugged enough and water-resistance.
  • The Bluewave 6-in-1 electronic pool and spa water tester is very easy to use
  • It comes with a large readable LCD; well-tagged and easy push button.

4. HM Digital TDS-EZ Water Quality TDS Pool Water Tester:

HM digital TDS-EZ water quality TDS Pool Water tester is well organized and suitable product. You can straight away check your general water quality by using this product. The results are very good and reliable as well and it is fully long lasting product as well.


  • It allows user to save measurements for suitable reading and recordings.
  • The screen shuts off automatically after 10 minutes of non-use to preserve batteries. The life of battery approximately 1,000 hours of usage and source of power is 2 x 1.5V button cell batteries.
  • It is highly efficient and correct because of its advanced microprocessor technology.
  • This tester is made with 100% imported plastic, glassy blue housing that is very power-full and long lasting.

5.  HM Digital TDS-4 Pocket Size TDS Best Pool Water Tester-Meter

HM Digital TDS meter is a low-priced and suitable digital tester to check immediately your pool’s general water quality with just push of a button. This product is made with imported plastic that offers you smooth and smart design.


  • HM Digital TDS meter is made with imported plastic and it basically offers a smooth and smart design which is perfect for both personal and commercial uses
  • It also provides you with the option to freeze measurements so that you can take out off the water and check it easy
  • The amazing HM Digital TDS meter automatically shuts off after every 10 minutes if you are not using it and it helps to preserve the batteries life.
  • It comes with an advanced microprocessor technology to gauge the water contents perfectly
  • The HM Digital TDS tester is surely good for all purification application as well

6.  Solaxx Salt Dip 2-in-1 Electronic Water Tester

The Solaxx Salt dip water tester works very skillfully and very easy to use. The tester gives quick and correct result and is very reasonable as well. It is very easy to use and you just need to collect a sample of water with onboard cup, put down the sensor in the water sample, and click “start”. There is no need of any color matching as well.

This tester comes with an equipped digital display and it will show you results in seconds with large LED display.


  • This amazing tester has a rough, water resistance housing and provides a smooth and elegant design to work with.
  • It is reliable and easy to use. Simply you have to collect a sample of water with onboard cup, put down the sensor in water sample, and click “start”. There is no requirement of color matching as well.
  • The product comes with a unique digital display and it will show you quick result in seconds with large LED display.
  • Solaxx salt dip water tester comes with a commercial grade technology sensor which makes sure correctness.

7. Aqua Chek Trutest Digital Reader- Pool Water Tester

Aqua Chek Trutest Digital Reader comes with an easy-to-read and a big LCD screen to keep away from any trouble in evaluates the chemical levels. This tester works very effectively with the bromine also chlorine. In Aqua Chek Trutest digital reader you need to enter one strip which is needed to be bought separately.

This tester just need 15 seconds for reading results to measure the pH, bromine, total salty, and free chlorine. Aqua Chek Trutest Digital Reader is water-resistance and a low-weight digital reader that needs 2AA batteries. It works perfect and only with the Trutest digital strips.


  • It is cooperative with chlorine and bromine.
  • Aqua chek trutest digital reader comes with a big LCD screen.
  • This tester comes with relatively low price.
  • It is one of the best pool testing kits to check chlorine and bromine levels.
  • This digital reader eases of testing with digital technology.
  • Aqua Chek trutest digital reader light weight and water resistance.

8.  Hqdz Digital Water Quality Tester

Hqdz Digital Water Quality Tester is one of the best TDS digital meters which effectively check your pool filter performance, it check filter water quality and filter purity also. This effectively co-operates the three functions – EC, TDS and ATC. Hqdz Digital Water Quality Water Tester measures the total broke down solids like metals, anions, salinity and minerals. Moreover a detailed manual is available to make sure the correct and flexible usage.


  • Hqdz tester comes with a big backlit display, with a leather carrying case.
  • The measurement range of Hqdz tester is EC:0-9990Ous/cm; TDS:0-9990ppm Dearest Celsius:0.1-80.0. Celsius 32.0-176.0. Accuracy is: +2%
  • This tester has 3-in-1 function. The tester co-operates the TDS, EC, ATC.
  • Hqdz tester meter will hold the reading, easy to read and record which is called Hold Function.
  • It is smart and very useful tool.
  • Hqdz digital water quality tester comes with waterproof display.

We’ve mentioned above the list of Best 8 Digital Pool Water Testers, Reviews 2020. You can also check the some reviews on Best Electric Pool Heaters 2020 as well.


Q: Which digital pool water tester will offer me the most accurate results?

A: The test strip makes a good results then the liquid kits that use titration testers. Titration testers are more accurate when you test your pool water while using dry tab indicator can raise the level of correctness.

Q: How will I know the actual amount of the chemical to add to my swimming pool?

A: The best feature detailed manual, with chart that you can use to use to control the amount of chemical add to your pool to balance alkalinity, water adjust, or pH. We enjoin recommend you to keep away guesswork by adding the following approximates.

  • The pH decreaser-6 oz dry acid for every approximately \ 0.1 want decrease in the 10K gallons.
  • The pH increaser-6 oz soda ash for every 0.1 want approximately increase in 10K gallons.
  • For sure, the Hardness increaser-12 oz calcium chloride for each 10ppm wants approximately increase in 10K gallons.
  • Alkalinity increaser-20 oz sodium bicarb for each 10ppm wants increase in 10K gallons.
  • Pool salt-8 lbs of salt for 100ppm want increase in 10K gallons.
  • Cyanotic acid-14 oz for each 10ppm wants increase in 10K gallons.

Final Thoughts:

Wide array of digital pool water testers are available in the market, most of these tests skillfully test the pH levels and critical chemical levels.  One time they get out of the balance, might have difficult to get them on way again and you might need shocking your pool. Before put on a high level of chlorine at go, remain your facility balanced with consistent testing. Consequently, question yourself “what is the best pool water tester for my pool” and buy it today. We’ve also described above the Best 8 Digital Pool Water Testers, and their Reviews of 2020. Just select the best one for you. 

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