The 5 Best Automatic Pool Covers, Reviews 2021

Automatic pool covers are the ones that roll up on a reel and be fast to tracks which run along the sides of your swimming pool. They are often covered and uncovered using a key to ensure safety. There’s a variety of brands on the market today making automatic pool covers.

Even though automatic pool covers are more expensive than conventional covers, but they offer you savings in the long run. Some benefits of installing these covers are: retaining heat in water, keep debris out of the pool, cutting the expense of water refilling because of evaporation, require less chemicals to care for the water. The primary benefit you get from the best automatic pool cover is that the pool area is now child-proof and you are at peace of mind.

5 Best Automatic Pool Covers Reviews

Automatic pool covers retain heat in water and we’re here with the reviews of latest automatic pool covers detailed review for you and here we go:

1. Rockys Ground Solar Powered Automatic Pool Cover 

Rocky is one of the well-known manufacturers that makes the best automatic pool covers. It manufactures both in in-ground and above ground pool covers. This particular model is designed for in-ground pools which are up to 24 feet wide. It is best known for its quality and durability as it is made of sturdy die-cast aluminum. The tough aluminum makes it long-lasting.

It includes all hardware tools like the crank handle, 4-inch castor set, and solar blanket attachment kit. It is one f the best in-ground automatic pool cover, admired by a large number of customers.

Key Features:

  •       Sturdiness:  one of the sturdiest reels ever.
  •       Easy to assemble.

2.  Rockys Automatic Solar Powered Blanket Pool Cover

As the name tells itself, Rockys solar blanket pool runs on solar power. It is the most reliable pool cover that every pool owner wants to have. It sets the standard of quality for automatic pool covers. As it is one of the high-quality pool covers with impressive durability. Made of sturdy die-cast aluminum. This particular cover comes with a steel reel that makes it durable.

It is specially designed for pools up to 20 feet wide and it gives you enough range to cover most of the pools. It comes packed with all hardware tools. I’m sure if you this cover for your pool you will get what you paid for. You will never ever regret your choice.  Recommended by a wide range of customers who are using it for many years.

Key Features

  •       Easy to assemble
  •       Sturdiness
  •       Get what you pay for

3. Pool Boy Automatic Pool Cover – Battery Powered

Pool Boy is also trusted and liked by a lot of its happy customers due to its durable products. As the name suggests itself Pool boy battery powered pool cover is powered by a battery.  That means you need to charge the battery each time it goes down. Once it is charged fully, it will work fine for 30 days, which is an awesome thing about it, the long-lasting battery. It comes with a waterproof remote control as well. You can control it with just a click of a button.

It features 3-inch aluminum tubes which makes it super durable.

This battery-powered automatic pool cover is a good choice for you 20 feet wide pool or below.

Key Features:

  •       Fairly inexpensive
  •       Easy installation
  •       Sleek Design
  •       Multiple color options

4. Pool Boy Automatic Pool Cover – Powered by Solar

As you can guess by its name the pool cover is powered by solar. The amazing solar blanket reel provides a fast and convenient way to cover and uncover your swimming pool with only a push of a single button. This pool cover can be operated effortlessly by one person by removing hand cranking and tugging on solar blankets. The pool boy is designed for heavy-duty inground pools that are up to 20 feet wide. It also comes with heavy-duty aluminum tubes, adjustable powder-coated bases, and remote control which is completely waterproof and floats. This automatic pool cover is suitable for all weather applications.

Key Features:

  •       Multiple color choices.
  •       High quality and durable
  •       Strong but lightweight construction
  •       Easy to install
  •       Less expensive

5. Latest Blue Wave Gold 15-Year 15-ft x 30-ft Oval Above Ground Pool Winter Automatic Cover

If you are looking for a pool cover for your oval-shaped above ground pool, your search ends here!

The Gold pool cover by Blue Wave estimates a maximum size of 19 ft x 34 ft. And it covers 15 ft x 30 ft pools very easily. Extra 4 feet cover will ensure that there is no stretching or ripping and maintains simple establishment.  It’s bundle incorporates a winch and also provides an all-climate link for a protected securing onto your swim-pool. With 14 x 14 scrim total, and premium polyethylene no one can deny that this is one of solid and strongest pool cover that will give you a more than average time of assistance. Moreover, it can withstand UV rays, green growth, snow, ice, and, wind. This top-level cover is built of high quality, tear safe material. The cover features polyethylene that protects it from sun and ice. This cover includes a major 4-foot cover that ensures it will fit on pools with extensive top rails and won’t stretch and tear like litter.

Key Features:

  •       Provides protection from ice, snow, and sun
  •       Pool size: 15 ft x 30 ft
  •       Cover Size: 19 ft x 34 ft
  •       four foot cover ensures no extending or tearing

Mentioned above are the 5 best automatic pool covers for your swimming pool and all you need is to select the best one by depending upon your needs.

Perfect Buying Guide for Automatic Pool Covers

The following are a few things to keep in mind before purchasing an automatic pool cover for your swimming pool:


Size is one of the most significant components to consider before buying a pool cover. Of course, you should purchase a fitting size and you should have the measurements of your pool with at the time of purchase. Or you can buy a trimmable cover so you can trim it to the size you need.


Pools come in different shapes, so do pool cover. That’s why before purchasing it make sure it is in the shape and size that will best fit your pool. Or you can have a trimmable cover.

Choose Pool covers with strengthened UV-balanced out polyethylene

This plastic is progressively strong and long-lasting. Covers, exposed to the sun for long spans weaken faster.

 Consider the climate

There are extraordinary pool covers suitable for different atmospheres. For instance, the winter pool covers are made with the material which helps to keep the water warm, whereas in summers you don’t need the warm water. So, it matters a lot to consider your climate before choosing a spread appropriate for your climate.

Choose the correct brand

There is a wide range of brands that are supplying automatic pool covers in the market. Always choose the one that has a positive repute in the market and has the trust of its customers.


Always put your resources in a pool cover that has a guarantee. Guarantee implies that the manufacturer has confidence in their product, and it will last more. Always go for covers that have explicit guarantees.

FAQ’s about Latest Automatic Pool Covers

Q: Automatic Pool Covers can be used indoors or outdoors?

An Automatic Pool cover can be used indoors or outdoors as required.

Q: What is the Best Way to Clean Automatic Pool Cover?

The best way to clean an automatic pool cover is when it is closed. You can use dishwasher soap and a nylon pool brush to scrub all the dirt off the surface of the cover. Then, use a cover pump to remove all the soap. Rinse well before opening the cover again.

Q: How to open Automatic pool cover?

To open the automatic pool cover a safety key must be engaged. The Electric Pool Cover operates quite like a standard garage door opener to cover or uncover the pool. No strings or guiding the cover is required.

Q: How much is the price of an automatic pool cover?

An automatic cover costs $5,000–$15,000. It offers constant protection, heats the water significantly, and lasts 3 years before you have to start replacing parts.

Last Words:

Without any doubt, automatic pool cover comes with some unique features and it keeps your swim-pool clean and clear. Simply follow our mentioned above guidelines related to the 5 best automatic pool covers and go for the best pool cover for your swimming pool.

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